Experts in Foundational Literacy and Dyslexia for Reading and Spelling Success

Research-based reading and spelling programs for all ages

Wilson® is a pioneer and leader in championing the science of reading and empowering educators across the country to pursue “Literacy for All.” For over 30 years, Wilson Language Training® (WLT) has been devoted to improving instruction for students with dyslexia and ensuring that all students learn to read and spell through our research-based multisensory, structured literacy programs.

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Why Wilson®

Wilson programs utilize research on effective instructional content and practices to ensure students become proficient readers and writers. Our commitment to high-quality professional learning and implementation science has resulted in sustained program implementation and student success in schools and districts across the country.

Our Programs


Establish a foundation for reading, spelling, and handwriting.

  • Prevention (Tier 1) and Early Intervention (Tier 2)
  • Grades K–3 in all classrooms, plus Pre-K Activity Set
  • Foundational skills for life-long literacy

Just Words®

Address gaps through accelerated word study for struggling readers.

  • Intervention (Tier 2)
  • Grades 4–12 and adults with mild to moderate gaps in decoding and spelling
  • A sophisticated study of word structure with explicit teaching on “how English works”

Wilson Reading System®

Provide intensive instruction for even the most challenged reader.

  • Intensive intervention (Tier 3)
  • Grades 2–12 and adults with a language-based learning disability, such as dyslexia
  • Orton-Gillingham based; intensive, Structured Literacy instruction

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Structured Literacy: Benefiting All Students

Since our founding, Wilson Language Training® (WLT) has been dedicated to teaching struggling learners. We use a structured literacy approach to prepare all students for literacy success. This is effective for students with dyslexia, but is also an effective approach for all students.

News and Success Stories