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Just Words® or Wilson Reading System®?

You might be wondering if your struggling reader is a candidate for Just Words® or the Wilson Reading System® (WRS). If so, youre not alonemany teachers face the same question. Thats why Wilson provides straightforward guidance to help with student identification, a critical first step in intervention. Instructor-led workshops and courses, teacher manuals, and online support resources provide guidelines for placing students in the appropriate Wilson program. The guidelines, however, arent absolute, so its important that student placement is informed by a Student Support/Respo [...]

Teaching and Learning Resources for 2020-2021

Whether the 2020-2021 school year finds K-12 teachers and students back in the classroom, working remotely, or engaging in a combination of the two, Wilson will be here. We will be here with new and enhanced tools and resources. We will be here with remote professional learning opportunities for districts and individual educators. We will be here to support you at every turn and make this school year as exceptional, enjoyable, and educational as any otherwhatever challenges it may bring. Now more than ever, we need creative, collaborative solutions to achieve literacy for all students, [...]

Supporting Your Students During Remote and Blended Instruction

Thank you for visiting! Please note we have moved program resources for remote instruction to the Fundations® Virtual Resource Hub, the Wilson Academy Intervention Learning Community for Just Words®, and the Wilson Academy Intensive Learning Community for the Wilson Reading System®.   For Fundations® resources, please log in to the FUN HUB™. Have questions or want to learn more about the FUN HUB™? Visit our information page or FAQ. Use these link for Tier 1 and 2 instruction for students in K-3   For Just Words® resources, please log in to the Wilson Aca [...]

Introducing: The FUN HUB™

Whether the 2020-2021 school year finds teachers and students in classrooms, at home, or in a combination of the two, Wilsons new Fundations® Virtual Resource Hub, or FUN HUB for short,  will be there to support instruction. A site containing resources to support Fundations teachers, their students, and families, the FUN HUB will launch in August and be available at no charge throughout the 2020-2021 school year to Fundations teachers and schools and districts that implement Fundations in their English Language Arts programs. The FUN HUB will provide an easy way for teachers to share di [...]

Resources for Educators

During extended school closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all of us at Wilson recognize the monumental upheaval this has caused to your personal and professional lives. For many educators, this means quickly transitioning to remote instruction, but others have found this impossible. We know you all are doing your best to support your students, communities, and families during this time and we appreciate all your efforts. Although our physical offices remain closed in compliance with the Massachusetts governors mandate to limit in-person operations, our staff continues to work remotely [...]

Virtual Implementation Support

Recognizing that limited time and distance are barriers to in-person sessions for many, Wilson is now offering a new service of live interactive support to districts no matter where they are located. Called Virtual Implementation Support (V.I.S.), this professional learning is geared toward teachers who are new to Fundations® or Just Words® and is delivered over the course of a school year by an Instructional Development Specialist. The online format is well-matched for a variety of schools and districts, including rural districts looking for professional learning and large urban districts [...]

Accessibility and Universal Design for Learning

Do you notice the differences between the three scenarios above? In the first scenario, each child gets exactly the same support. The second scenario demonstrates how each child gets what is needed to access the ball game. The third scenario presents a thought-provoking concept: Why dont we make things accessible for all from the beginning? Herein lies the bedrock of Universal Design for Learning (UDL). According to the UDL guidelines from CAST, UDL diminishes barriers and amplifies learning for all students. Teachers that apply  UDL principles to their teaching provide multiple means of [...]

Peer Support

Diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia in second grade, Ohio native Kelly Ettinger began her WRS studies with Wilson® Credentialed Trainer, Ellen Brick. By the time she completed elementary school and the 12th and final Step of WRS, there was no stopping her quest for knowledge. In high school, Kelly mentored fellow students and shared her experiences and the importance of self-advocacy with her peers, their tutors, and parents. My parents were very up front with me from the beginning. They explained to me, You have ADHD and dyslexia, and its not bad or goodjust different.  They w [...]

A D.C. Fundations Kindergarten Teacher Shares Words of Wisdom

All eyes seem to be on Marissa McGee's kindergarten classroom.  Marissa's class "has been heralded as a room to watch by D.C.'s public schools," and was visited by teachers last year for professional learning observations. Recently, the teacher from Walker-Jones Education Campus was interviewed by NPR® about her teaching philosophy. For several years now, Wilson has partnered with District of Columbia's public schools to provide coaching and support with Fundations Tier 1 implementation. We are pleased to share Marissa's story and insight! During NPR's visit, Marissa offered her classroo [...]

Dyslexia Understood: Research, Instruction and Awareness held a panel discussion called, Dyslexia Understood: Research, Instruction and Awareness. The panel included top experts on dyslexia, who discussed the latest developments in brain research and instructional methods, and addressed how those advances can help children and their families. The panelists include Barbara Wilson, cofounder of Wilson Language Training. To view the video, click here. [...]