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Fundations Pre-K Rollout at the Tobin School

When Wilson launched the Fundations® Pre-K Activity Sets this fall, the Tobin School was excited to incorporate them into their pre-k and junior kindergarten classrooms. The Tobin School, a private school focusing on early childhood education in Natick, MA, had already been using Fundations Level K to develop literacy skills, so the addition of pre-k was a great fit.  Fundations pre-k activities support students emerging understanding of the alphabetic principles of letter-sound associations and alphabetical order, and the written language skill of manuscript letter formation [...]

Read Every Day!

Students in Rebecca Werthheims 2nd grade class at Asheville City, North Carolinas Claxton Elementary School have been learning Fundations this year and decided to spread their excitement with this video rap titled Read Every Day. Claxtons principal, Kimberly Dechant, says, My kids are growing, and I attribute it to Fundations. I cannot say enough about what this curriculum has done for all my students.' [...]