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With Knowledge, Wisdom

For someone who stumbled into teaching by accident, Nelda Reyes certainly landed on her feet, then kept on going. Now entering her twenty-third year as a teacher, Nelda recently added Wilson® Dyslexia Therapist (W.D.T.) to her professional credentials. A dyslexia interventionist in San Marcos, TX, Nelda became Wilson Reading System® (WRS) Level II Certified earlier this year, just as her practicum student, Jonathan, wrapped up Step 12 of the intensive reading intervention program. As an undergraduate studying speech communication disorders, Nelda said she became intrigued by the scie [...]

Ainsley’s Advantage

If you asked Ainsley Proctor when she was in elementary school what she thought about her dyslexia, she likely would have responded with a resounding Ugh! Today, however, the question elicits a passionate response from the poised dyslexia advocate, now entering her junior year in high school. Growing up, I viewed dyslexia as a disadvantage. Every day I would say, I wish I never had this stupid thing. Now I wouldnt change my dyslexia for the world, Ainsley shared last fall during the International Dyslexia Associations (IDA) annual conference, where she was awarded the [...]

Father, Son, and Dyslexia

As a child growing up in Colorado, Steve G. found learning to read a struggle and tutoring lessons a bore. Decades later, given his history and the genetic nature of dyslexia, he wasnt surprised when one of his three sons showed similar reading difficulties in school. What did amaze him was the night and day difference in his son Liams reading scores and confidence level following one year of multisensory structured literacy instruction with a Wilson Reading System® certified teacher. Back in the 70s, the technique for correcting this was once a week I went to a ladys house [...]

Teacher Appreciation

During Teacher Appreciation Month in May we asked educators, "What has been one of your proudest teaching moments while using a Wilson® program?" We were elated to receive responses from more than 2,000 enthusiastic teachers from across the country. Helping struggling readers overcome dyslexia, instilling an abiding love of reading, and buoying self-confidence were among the recurring themes. I have been teaching the intensive Wilson Reading System for 14 years, shared New Jersey teacher, Amy Z. Every year, without fail, my students amaze me with the progress they have made with t [...]

Peer Support

Diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia in second grade, Ohio native Kelly Ettinger began her WRS studies with Wilson® Credentialed Trainer, Ellen Brick. By the time she completed elementary school and the 12th and final Step of WRS, there was no stopping her quest for knowledge. In high school, Kelly mentored fellow students and shared her experiences and the importance of self-advocacy with her peers, their tutors, and parents. My parents were very up front with me from the beginning. They explained to me, You have ADHD and dyslexia, and its not bad or goodjust different.  They w [...]

Dyslexia Across Generations

The signs were subtle at first, beginning in preschool and into kindergarten. Roxanna P. noticed her son, Matteo, was having trouble reciting the alphabet, spelling his name correctly, and learning the days of the week. Despite being assured he was doing fine," Roxannas concern grew. When her good-natured first-grader started coming home from school angry and frustrated, Roxanna recognized what she was seeing. Glimpses of her own childhood. I knew deep down inside he was not fine, she recalled. He was struggling like I had, and I said Im not going to let this happen. [...]

Shared Success

In 2015, New Jersey teacher Renee Klein and 11 colleagues accepted their school districts offer to become certified in the Wilson Reading System®. A special education teacher for two decades, Renee has seen the toll that reading disabilities take not only on students education, but on their confidence and demeanor as well. She jumped at the professional learning opportunity. Meanwhile, Saniah, a middle school student classified with a specific learning disability, had been recommended to participate in WRS instruction. Together, Renee and Saniah helped each other achieve their goals. [...]

National Siblings Day

Celebrated for the past two decades on April 10, National Siblings Day provides an opportunity to show appreciation for the ones weve laughed with, fought with, protected, and pranked. Along with memories, siblings share unique characteristics, whether its curly hair, a crooked grin, or a hereditary trait such as dyslexia. Often, the reading challenges an older sibling experiences in school ultimately benefits younger siblings identified with dyslexia or other learning disabilities. That was the case for Massachusetts residents Jocelyn and Chris C., whose sons Quinn and Ryan were both [...]

Marianna’s Mentors

Determination, a supportive family, dedicated teachers, and a cadre of mentors brought first-year special education teacher Marianna Wells to where she is today. Orphaned at age 2 in her native Hungary, Marianna and her three older brothers spent seven years in orphanages before coming to Massachusetts in 1999, when their adoptive parents, Doris and Kevin Wells, welcomed them into a family that already included three sons. Being the only girl among six boys was the least of Mariannas worries. I came from Hungary completely illiterate in my first language. In third grade, it became e [...]

Inspiring Peers & Educators

On his first day of fourth grade three years ago, Britton R. came home begging his mother for a tutor because he knew he wasnt reading like everyone else. Despite trying many different programs and tutors in the past, he still struggled to make sense of the letters on a page. This changed, however, when he met Mollie Bolton, a Wilson® Credentialed Trainer, in November 2014. Through her tutoring and support, Britton learned to read using the Wilson Reading System®. I really liked Mollie. She was teaching me how to read in a way that I had never learned before, and it started to make se [...]