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Learn How to Make Teaching Easier With new Fundations® Products 

Teachers, rejoice! Implementing Fundations® is about to get even easier with new products for back-to-school 2024 that save time and help students learn better. 

Research shows repeated practice is crucial for students to grasp foundational literacy skills, as is consistency between the daily lessons and reinforcement activities. Fundations provides targeted practice activities tightly aligned to the Fundations scope and sequence, so teachers don’t need to search for or adjust activities to address targeted skills. 

Save Time: Integrated Targeted Practice Streamlines Planning and Instruction 

The introduction of new, improved, and well-organized resources for targeted practice makes teachers’ jobs simpler. Readily accessible plug-and-play activities streamline lesson planning and better engage students. 

Young student at a laptop playing a word game on FUN HUB®.

Teachers can quickly search FUN HUB® to find specific Unit resources and materials. They also can easily assign activities with just a few clicks in the new FUN HUB® Practice student digital hub. Students are able to independently complete the highly engaging, interactive activities in FUN HUB Practice with the aid of corrective prompts to help them reach the right answers, freeing up teachers for small group instruction.  

The addition of conveniently bound week-by-week activities in Fundations® Practice Books gives educators another resource to more efficiently and strategically plan meaningful practice for students in both Tier 1 and Tier 2 settings.  

Implementing a successful Tier 2 program is also easier and more accessible. The new all-in-one  Fundations® Fun in Focus Intervention Kit provides the explicit direction, structured lesson plans, and printed student materials teachers want and need, alleviating extensive preparation time. 

Classroom Management: Everything You Need, All in One Place 

Product bundling and new feature integrations allow for better classroom management. The new Fundations® Plus Classroom Sets and Student Success Bundles provide all the materials needed for a successful Fundations classroom in one easy-to-purchase kit. These all-inclusive bundles let teachers more easily utilize all the curriculum components to improve program fidelity and predictably plan for the year ahead. 

FUN HUB integration with Clever, a widely used platform for students and teachers, provides an easier and more effective way to manage Fundations classes and student data with automated rostering and single sign-on accessibility. Teachers can centrally manage class rosters, administer Unit Tests, assign FUN HUB practice activities, and access other learning apps directly from the Clever dashboard using their Clever login credentials.  

Enhanced Insights: Better Data to Inform Instruction 

Educators and administrators also benefit from greater visibility into student performance at an individual, classroom, grade, and school-wide perspective with new reporting capabilities. 

FUN HUB Practice tracks student progress on a weekly basis, helping identify which students need extra instruction ahead of the next Unit Test. Teachers can also monitor individual progress in FUN HUB, using data over time to create learning profiles for at-risk students who may need Tier 2 intervention.  

New reporting in FUN HUB aggregates all Fundations class data per Unit, week, and student activity, providing a roll-up view of school performance that helps educators evaluate Fundations program success overall. 

Getting Better and Better 

The new Fundations products available for the upcoming school year are 100% designed with educators in mind. Spend less time planning and more time teaching with brand new resources for instructional success.