Questions to Ask

If your child is receiving Wilson Reading System® (WRS) instruction, you may want to ask:

  • Did my child’s WRS teacher complete WRS Level I Certification? Level II?
  • Is the teacher current with his or her Wilson® Dyslexia Practitioner or Wilson® Dyslexia Therapist credential?
  • How many times per week will my child receive WRS instruction? How long is each session?
  • Will my child be receiving one-on-one instruction or small-group instruction (ideally up to 4 students; up to 6 students if with a highly skilled WRS teacher)? If in a group, are all students at the same level?
  • How will my child’s progress be measured, and can I regularly see my child’s WRS Student Portfolio (Student Notebook, Vocabulary Dictionary, Student Dictation Notebook, My Step Progress booklet) and Progression Mastery documentation (Student Progress Recording Forms, Wordlist Charting, and WADE – Wilson® Assessment of Decoding and Encoding results)?


Wilson Reading System teacher instructing small group of studentsWilson Reading system teacher one on one with student