Preparing Teachers & Teacher-Leaders

At Wilson Language Training®, we understand the commitment of educators who want their students to be able to read and succeed, and therefore pursue professional growth to gain the practical knowledge to guide their pupils in achieving literacy for life.

Wilson’s array of professional learning opportunities assists teachers in demonstrating strong instructional and professional learning practices, especially important with the growing emphasis on teaching and learning standards. Teachers become well-informed and well-prepared with access to reading experts, resources, and tools to better help their students reach greater reading and writing success.

For individual professional learning, we support teachers who want to improve their practice, be confident in their instruction, and make a difference in student lives.  Our workshops and certification training integrate the theory underlying our programs with the skills and knowledge to teach the program, so teachers understand both the “why” and “how” of instruction. For ongoing support, Wilson Academy® Learning Communities provide anytime, anywhere access to resources and reference materials, as well as networking opportunities with other educators.

Through our professional learning for school and district implementation, teachers develop the knowledge and skills to implement the selected program, as well as become teacher-leaders to whom others turn for support. Our certification programs incorporate instruction by a skilled practitioner, coaching, collaborative study groups, and online coursework to provide scaffolded support for success. Participants not only increase their knowledge, they also gain the tools to demonstrate proficiency toward teaching and professional learning practices that are at the heart of teacher evaluations and are applicable in other class settings.

Our rigorous training prepares teachers to build a culture of continued professional growth and learning within their schools and districts. Teacher-leaders have a deep knowledge of their school and district’s culture and roles, which allows them to anticipate needs or solve problems as they arise, while serving as valuable resources for their colleagues and administrators.  Educators may further their development by becoming credentialed to conduct Wilson® professional learning within their district in order to build long-term capacity and sustain implementation of the selected Wilson program(s).

Whatever professional learning path is taken, Wilson brings almost three decades of experience dedicated to working with educators and providing them with the tools and skills in multisensory, structured language instruction that are necessary to make a difference in students’ lives. We’ve seen the changes—students who now enjoy reading, walk with their heads held high, and follow their dreams—and want others to have that transformational experience as well.

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Keri Busavage and Mama Echo
The time spent with teachers, learning together, has been a wonderful collaborative exchange! My interactions with teachers are, as much as possible, authentic, timely, child-centered, and instructionally focused. . . . You deeply learn a lesson or skill from the gradual release of support. . . . Independence increases smoothly by transitioning from modeling, then co-teaching, and then observing.

With each passing year, teachers have seen students come through their doors with more ownership of their phonetic knowledge and an increasing willingness to exercise this understanding. Teachers and students now share a common language, which allows teachers to more efficiently prompt students to use their phonetic cuing system by accessing this phonetic knowledge.
-Keri Busavage Fundations® Facilitator in MA
Keri Busavage and Mama Echo