Authentic Professional Learning

Students in our programs are most successful when instruction is delivered with fidelity and as prescribed by a qualified teacher or tutor. Teacher knowledge and skill are critical factors for student success. Therefore, we are committed to upholding the highest standards for professional learning and certification in all of Wilson’s programs.

The Importance of Authentic Professional Learning

Without fidelity, we cannot guarantee that the instruction will be effective, and the student’s learning may suffer as a result. It is very important that schools, districts, and parents be able to distinguish between official Wilson training of educators and any other training that uses Wilson Language Training’s materials but is otherwise not official Wilson professional learning.

Credentials to Conduct Professional Learning for Wilson Language Training’s Programs

Official Wilson professional learning is delivered in accordance with guidelines and standards set by Wilson Language Training® (WLT) and by a Fundations® Presenter, Just Words® Presenter, Wilson® Credentialed Trainer, or Wilson® Literacy Specialist.

The requirements to achieve credentialed status are significant. Presenters must complete both Facilitator Certification and WRS Level I Certification, usually over two years, prior to participating in Presenter Development for Fundations and/or Just Words. It typically takes three years for a Wilson Credentialed Trainer or Literacy Specialist to meet the professional learning prerequisites before being selected to complete a full-year Trainer internship. Wilson Credentialed Trainers and Literacy Specialists must have an advanced degree, substantial experience in the education field, and demonstrated proficiency with Wilson programs and multisensory language teaching. Eligibility to conduct professional learning in any of Wilson’s programs must be maintained on an annual basis.

Authorized Providers

To maintain the integrity and fidelity of our programs, Wilson Language Training licenses only Wilson® Accredited Partners, Academic Partners, and Wilson® In-District Affiliates (qualified school districts under contract with WLT) to deliver professional learning for any of Wilson’s programs for which they are credentialed. A Fundations Presenter, Just Words Presenter, or Wilson Credentialed Trainer must be on staff or available by contract. Any “Wilson” professional learning delivered by others is not authentic Wilson instruction. WLT vigorously protects against others delivering Wilson professional learning in order to maintain the integrity of our programs.


We strongly recommend that students needing intense remediation with WRS receive instruction from a WRS certified teacher. You can verify that a teacher or tutor is WRS certified by contacting us or calling 1.800.899.8454.

While some teachers with multisensory, structured language training have used the WRS program and materials with a degree of success after attending the WRS Introductory Course, they are not considered trained in the Wilson Reading System. Our policy to provide a list of only WRS certified individuals who are currently credentialed as a Wilson® Dyslexia Practitioner or Wilson® Dyslexia Therapist is our way of assuring the integrity of the program.

For students who do not require intensive instruction, Wilson offers two additional programs: Fundations and Just Words. Fundations and Just Words workshops, coaching visits, and Facilitator Certification are available to support teachers. WRS Level I or Level II Certification is also recommended—but not required—to implement these programs because it provides a clear understanding of the principles of all Wilson programs.