Annual Trainer Meeting

The Wilson® Trainer Meeting is our annual gathering for Wilson® Credentialed Trainers to expand their understanding of literacy education, research, legislative issues, and Wilson’s programs.

  • Engage intellectually with expert speakers about current trends and topics, blended with practical application to the implementation of Wilson’s programs.
  • Learn from the collective experience of colleagues during sessions that encourage the sharing of experiences and ideas.
  • Renew the special bonds of the trainer community and receive support from Wilson staff for your specific situation.
  • Revitalize professional work with actionable information for school implementation and instruction.
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This event is a special opportunity for Wilson Credentialed Trainers to continue their growth in an environment that is specifically geared toward their professional needs.

School districts and organizations with Wilson Credentialed Trainers may want to encourage their WRS certified teachers to attend the Wilson Certified Teacher Conference, held every other year. This team experience can help develop shared understanding to support sustained communication and implementation.

View our story and video highlighting Wilson’s 2019 Annual Trainer Meeting to get a taste of this exciting event!

“Being surrounded by professionals who are passionate about helping students through WRS was one of the most amazing experiences of my life! The collegial atmosphere was everything. It is energizing and encouraging!” 

– Kate Curtin, New York


“I enjoy the opportunity to receive the latest updates and research in our field among WRS colleagues. We all speak the same language, so it makes conversations flow more efficiently and allow for meaningful discussions.”

Jeanne Morgan, Connecticut