Students who struggle to read fluently need a lot of practice. Wilson Fluency®/Basic supplements your reading curriculum by providing this additional reading practice with explicit fluency instruction to develop the application of skills with connected text. The extended reading passages, both narrative and informational, give students the focused practice that helps build accuracy, automaticity, and prosody.

Wilson Fluency/Basic provides emerging readers with fluency practice at a student’s instructional reading level. It is also appropriate for younger students with beginning reading skills or for older students who are not reading fluently due to decoding deficits.

Wilson Fluency/Basic contains four Fluency Readers that can supplement any reading program that introduces short vowels in words with progressively more challenging patterns, including Fundations®, Just Words®, and the Wilson Reading System®. It specifically follows the skill-building sequence of Steps 1-3 in the Wilson Reading System. Each reader includes five reading passages of 200-250 words and corresponding fluency practice.

Student Focus
All emerging or struggling readers in need of additional explicit fluency instruction and reading practice
Daily Lesson
10-20 minutes
Group Size
Tutorial or small group (up to 6 students)
Intervention classroom, special education classroom, resource room
General education teacher, reading specialist, or intervention personnel
Professional Learning & Support
Wilson Fluency/Basic Workshop