Wilson Fluency®/Basic Kit can supplement any reading program that introduces short vowels in words with progressively more challenging patterns. It is appropriate to use with the Wilson Reading System®(WRS), Just Words®, and Fundations®. 

The Basic Kit contains the following items:Wilson Fluency Basic Kit

  • Instructor Guidebook: Instructor materials come in a durable 3-ring binder for convenient use in a small-group or 1:1 lesson and includes: 
    • Instructor Guide
    • Enriched passages
    • High frequency word card sheets
    • Blank word card laminated sheets
    • Laminated tally sheets for each Fluency Reader
  • Student Record Pack: Students’ progress on each passage is charted by the instructor in each student’s individual record book.
  • Student Fluency Readers: Each Fluency Reader contains five stories with reading passages of 200-300 words and corresponding wordlists, phrases, and phrased and unphrased passages. Fluency Readers 1-3 correspond to WRS Steps 1-3, and the Basic Reader includes additional decodable stories that correspond to an enriched passage.
    • Fluency Basic/Reader 1
    • Fluency Basic/Reader 2
    • Fluency Basic/Reader 3 
    • Fluency Basic/Basic Reader

Each kit contains a set of Readers to accommodate six students.

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