Tier 2

Fundations® is an appropriate Tier 2 program for at-risk students in the lowest 30th percentile and in need of strategic and targeted intervention. Instruction is provided by the classroom teacher and/or an interventionist. Implementation details vary depending on whether Fundations is also used in a Tier 1 setting.

If Fundations is taught in Tier 1 whole-class setting, students needing intervention support:

  • Participate in the whole-class Fundations standard lesson (30 minutes daily).
  • Also receive targeted Fundations intervention lessons in small-groups (up to 5 students) (30 minutes 3-5 times per week).
  • Achieve increased instructional intensity through:
    • small, homogeneous group lessons,
    • increased instructional time with intervention lessons, and
    • targeted instruction in specific areas of difficulty.

If Fundations is NOT used in Tier 1, students needing intervention support: 

  • Take the Intervention Placement Inventory to determine which Fundations Level to use.
  • Receive the Fundations standard lesson in a small-group setting (30 minutes daily).
  • Also receive targeted Fundations intervention lessons in a small-group setting (additional 30 minutes 3-5 times per week).

Students with a language-based learning disability require explicit, cumulative, and multisensory instruction due to learning differences. For kindergarten and first-grade students, Fundations can be combined with a literature-based program to provide this type of required instruction as an alternative to the district’s core language arts program. Lessons should be scheduled daily and students should receive:

  • Fundations standard lessons in small-group settings (30 minutes daily).
  • Fundations targeted, intervention lessons in small-group or 1:1 setting (additional 30 minutes daily).
  • Literature-based comprehension instruction and other decodable text instruction (30 minutes – 1 hour daily).

The Wilson Reading System®, taught by a certified Wilson® Instructor, may be more appropriate for students in grades 2 and 3 who require more intensive instruction.