Instructor Materials

Fundations® offers comprehensive program materials, allowing K-3 teachers to confidently present a carefully structured phonics and spelling curriculum using engaging, multisensory techniques.

Each Level of Fundations offers a Teacher’s Kit, which provides an explicit manual with day-to-day learning plans and extensive support materials to demonstrate the concepts using visual and kinesthetic strategies.

Fundations Level 2 Teacher's Kit

Level 2 Teacher’s Kit

Fundations Teacher’s Kit (Available by Level; for Levels K, 1, 2, or 3)
include the following materials to make learning visible and explicit:

  • Teacher’s Manual (Level-specific):
    • Detailed, easy-to-follow daily learning plan and thorough activity procedures.
    • Scope and sequence of all skills learned in the program Level.
    • Activities sequenced by the day with a detailed, easy-to-use schedule.
    • “Getting Ready” boxes at the start of each Unit outline Materials, Home Support, and Learning Activities.
    • “Daily Plan” boxes outline both teacher and student materials needed for each lesson.
    • Suggestions for differentiated instruction for advanced, ELL, and struggling students.
    • A section on each Learning Activity, including Synopsis, Procedure, Differentiation, and Cue Sheet of teacher’s actions and students’ responses.
    • Unit Tests to determine student mastery.
    • Extensive resource of controlled text for each Unit.
  • Companion membership to the online Prevention/Early Intervention Learning Community: To enhance your Fundations instruction, this online community provides printable materials/resources, progress monitoring tools, monthly expert tips, and a discussion board monitored by Wilson Literacy Specialists.
  • Activity Cue Cards: These laminated cards on a ring provide a quick reference for Level-specific learning activities. The compact size makes this a desirable teaching tool.
  • Home Support Pack: This packet encourages family involvement by informing parents and support personnel about what is happening in the classroom and suggesting home activities that reinforce classroom learning. Includes reproducible letters to parents explaining each Unit, and home activity sheets. Corresponds to the sequence of respective Teacher’s Manual.
  • Owl Puppets: A lovable addition to the classroom, Echo puppets are effective helpers for promoting student responses. Echo is a large snowy owl with a swivel head. Baby Echo fits on a ruler or pointer.
  • Sentence & Syllable Frames: The Level K and Level 1 set includes 8 blue frames for sentence work (2 show the shape for a capital letter), 3 punctuation squares, 3 white syllable frames, 2 yellow suffix frames. Level 2 set includes 20 yellow suffix frames and 4 white syllable frames.
  • Alphabet Wall Strip (For Levels K, 1, and 2): The Aa-Zz strip hangs on the classroom wall for a quick reference of alphabet order, letter formation, and keywords.
  • Cursive Alphabet Wall Strip (For Level 3): The Aa-Zz strip hangs on the classroom wall for a quick reference of cursive letter formation, alphabet order, and keywords.
  • Keyword Puzzles (Level K): A fun and effective way to associate letters (Aa-Zz), keywords, and sounds, each keyword picture piece is designed to match with the correct letter. 
  • Large Sound Cards: Level-specific, these cards present keyword pictures and letters for phonemes introduced and reviewed at each Level.
  • Standard Sound Cards: Level-specific, these cards are used to drill sounds and teach word structure. Letters are printed on one side; keywords and sounds are printed on the reverse for previously taught sounds and sounds introduced in the respective level.
  • Trick Word Flashcards (Levels K, 1, and 2): Level-specific, these cards are used to develop automatic recognition of high frequency and irregular words. Words with irregular patterns or untaught word patterns according to the scope and sequence of the respective Level are taught as words to be recognized and spelled quickly and easily.
  • Sound Alike Flashcards (Level 3): Homophones that are taught in each Unit are presented on flashcards and are used in an activity to help students develop vocabulary and spelling skills with homophones.
  • Word of the Day Cards: Level-specific (for Levels 1, 2, and 3) cards are provided for each
    Unit in the respective Level, and are used to review word structure and meaning.
  • Magnetic Strips: These strips affix to media for easy manipulation on ferrous surfaces. Precut adhesive pieces offer easy application.
  • Manuscript Letter Formation Guides (Levels K, 1, and 2): Aa-Zz laminated cards on a ring provide step-by-step verbalizations for lowercase and uppercase manuscript letter formation on the Wilson grid. The compact size makes this a desirable teaching tool.
  • Cursive Letter Formation Guides (Level 3): Easy to use Aa-Zz laminated cards on a ring provide step-by-step verbalizations for lowercase and uppercase cursive letter formation on the Wilson grid. The compact size makes this a desirable teaching tool.
  • Fundations Large Writing Grid (2-pack): This two-sided grid is laminated for classroom dictation work with a dry erase marker. A grid for letter formation is on one side, and a grid for writing words is on the reverse.
  • Fluency Kits (Levels 1 and 2): Each is Level-specific and matches the scope and sequence of the respective Teacher’s Manual. Each Kit contains controlled sound drills, real and nonsense words, trick words, phrases, and controlled-text stories (phrased and unphrased) for each Unit on reproducible laminate stock. A recording form is included for time drills. 
  • Stories Set 1: Six beautifully illustrated readers written by Barbara Wilson are designed specifically for Level 1 students. This set provides highly-decodable, controlled text stories for reading practice.
  • Books to Remember 2: Five decodable stories written by Laura Appleton-Smith provide additional practice with connected text for Level 2.
  • Classroom Poster Sets: Each Level-specific Fundations Classroom Poster Set offers students a visual reminder of the concepts taught in the respective Level.
  • Vowel Extension Poster (Levels K and 1): This poster can be cut into strips and used for the Vowel Extension Learning Activity.
  • Wilson Cursive® Writing Kit (Level 3): The Wilson Cursive Writing Kit includes an instructor guide, multimedia CD with animated demonstrations for letter formations, laminated worksheets, a Large Writing Grid, Cursive Letter Formation Poster, and a Forward and Backward Slant workbook. Laminated reproducible worksheets (8.5”x 11”) are geared for both right- and left-handed students to practice lowercase and uppercase letters and connectives to ensure mastery.

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