About the Readables

What does the term readable mean? Geodes® are “readable texts” because, with specific decoding strategies coupled with explicit instruction in vocabulary and content knowledge, they are wonderfully accessible to students with emerging reading skills. While written for emerging and developing readers, the books provide an authentic reading experience that builds content knowledge about science, history, and the arts, fostering intellectual curiosity. 

Unique Features of Geodes®

  • Each of the four modules cover a specific topic, and the sets within a module cover a subtopic.
  • Topics from many content areas and genres build content knowledge and context.
  • Texts are organized in grade-level appropriate sets, with each set building a “mental shelf.”
  • Geodes are 80 percent* decodable or higher at a designated point in the Fundations® scope and sequence.
  • Decodable words include previously taught and newly taught phonetic concepts that align with Fundations®.
  • Recognizable words include previously taught and newly taught Fundations® “Trick Words.”
  • Pre-selected content words related to the topic are taught for sight recognition. Including these, the decodability of the text is greater than 80%, making them “readable” and accessible.
*While the majority of Geodes are 80% decodable or above, three books in the Level 1 library are intended to be read along with students and are at least 70% decodable. Also, in the K library, the child-read text in Modules 3 and 4 is 90% decodable or higher. 

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