Using Geodes®

Geodes® align to the Fundations Scope and Sequence.

The foundational skills and concepts included in the Geodes® libraries align with the Fundations program. That is, the Geodes Level K library aligns with Fundations Level K, Geodes Level 1 library aligns with Fundations Level 1, and the Level 2 library aligns with Fundations Level 2.*

Each text is at least 80% decodable at a designated point in the Fundations scope and sequence. This means that a minimum of 80% of the words contain phonetic elements and trick words that have been explicitly taught up to a specific Fundations Unit, which is indicated on the back of each book. It is recommended that each book be read by the Fundations student after they have completed the Unit identified on the back of the book.

Use Geodes® outside of the 30-minute Fundations Tier 1 lesson.

Maintain your 30-minutes of dedicated Fundations instruction time. Add Geodes® for decoding and fluency practice during small- or whole-group reading, or during independent reading time for appropriate students.

Geodes® can be incorporated into fluency practice during Fundations intervention lessons.

In a Fundations Tier 2 intervention block, Geodes® may be incorporated into the fluency part of the lesson. Students should not move beyond the texts that were designed for the application of skills that the student has been explicitly taught and is currently practicing. 

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Inside Geodes®

Inside Geodes® is a teacher resource with Book Notes that correspond to each Geode and include the Fundations® alignment, story summary, word lists (with decodable words, trick words, and words that cannot yet be decoded at the specific Fundations® Unit) discussion questions, and journal ideas. Explore Library Cat Book Notes here!