Instructor Materials

The Just Words® Teacher’s Kit provides teachers with all the resources they need to focus on classroom instruction and make learning visible and explicit. 

Just Words Teacher's Kit

Just Words Teacher’s Kit


The Teacher’s Kit includes the following materials:

  • The Instructor Manual provides daily support for teachers with easy-to-follow instructions and day-by-day learning plans. It includes controlled text resources for each of the 14 Units and 2 bonus Units. Membership to the online Intervention Learning Community (ILC) is also included with the manual at no charge.
  • Sound Cards are used to drill sounds and teach word structure by manipulating word parts. Sound combinations and consonant and vowel phonemes are printed on one side; keywords and pronunciations are on the reverse.
  • Word Cards include flashcards of the demonstration words and nonsense words for each Unit, and Prefix/Root Cards. Demonstration words are controlled and include a student-friendly definition on the back. Prefix and Latin root cards have a definition and keyword illustration on the back.  
  • High Frequency Word Cards are flashcards of high frequency and irregular words designed for reading and spelling practice. Words with irregular patterns or untaught word patterns are taught as words to be recognized and spelled quickly and easily. 
  • Suffix and Syllable Frames  are 20 yellow suffix frames and 4 blank, white syllable frames. They are dry-erasable, magnetic frames for demonstrating and practicing multisyllabic words and words with suffixes.
  • The Student Challenge Phrase Kit includes laminated tally sheets for each Unit for teachers to easily track miscues while a student is reading phrases and stories for charting and monitoring progress.
  • The Digital Timer counts forward and backward and is used for charting, Just Start!, and Progress Check activities.
  • The Reference Charts are eight posters (Basic Keywords, Welded Sounds, Mark My Words, Vowel Sounds, R-Controlled Vowels, Vowel Teams, Spelling Options, and Syllable Types) for classroom reference, assembled in a portable, desktop flip chart.
  • Magnetic Strips may be affixed to media for easy manipulation on ferrous surfaces. Precut adhesive pieces offer easy application. 

For more information about specific instructor materials, please see our catalog.