Student Materials

Each student needs his or her own set of durable and consumable materials. In subsequent years of implementation, only student consumables need to be refreshed.   

Student DurablesJust Words Student Durables

  • Students use a Dry Erase Tablet for dictation activities. Syllable frames are used to build multisyllabic words with Letter Tiles. 
  • Students also use a Magnetic Journal with Letter Tiles to practice the manipulation of word parts for spelling activities.


 Student Consumables

  • The Student Notebook is a reference tool for students to use throughout the course. Just Words Student Consumables
  • A Student Composition Book is used for dictation activities, including sounds, words (review, nonsense, high frequency, and current), phrases and sentences.
  • The Student Challenge Book includes student practice for each Unit, including: Progress Check, Practice with Current Concepts, Phrase It – Practice Worksheets, Phrases for Charting, and a Unit Test Dictation Page.
  • The Quick Reference Guide provides students with a fast, convenient reference for concepts taught and reinforced, including: Vowel Sounds (with illustrations), R-Controlled Vowels (with illustrations), Vowel Teams (with illustrations), Mark My Words, Syllable Types, and Spelling Options. 
  • The Wilson Blue and Red Pen is provided for students to graph their progress.

For more information about specific materials, please see our catalog.