Teacher Support

Just Words workshop participants taking notes

At Wilson Language Training®, our goal is to provide educators with resources, tools, and information to enhance Just Words® instruction and support its implementation with fidelity.

Our comprehensive professional learning opportunities ensure teachers are prepared to effectively use Just Words within their schools’ Multi-tiered System of Supports (MTSS).

Wilson offers professional learning support to individual teachers, and to schools and districts as part of a customized COMPASS plan.

Individual teachers

  • The Just Words Introductory Workshop provides the practice and guidance needed to effectively begin teaching the curriculum. The Screening and Placement Workshop focuses on background information and hands-on practice administering measures for proper student identification and placement in the program.
  • Ongoing support is provided through our online Wilson Academy®. Just Words instructors access the Intervention Learning Community (ILC) for the InterActivities Whiteboard application, printable materials, video demonstrations, expert tips, FAQs, discussion boards, and additional resources.

Schools & Districts

We partner directly with schools and districts to build local capacity to use, support, and sustain the Just Words program in the district. Your Wilson team works alongside school- and district-based teams to prepare and implement your COMPASS plan.

Plans may include the development of Just Words Facilitators and/or Presenters to cultivate teacher-leaders and build sustainability.