4th Edition - Wilson Reading System

The WRS 4th Edition builds on over 30 years of proven success and provides teachers with explicit guidance and resources in word structure, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension.  We are implementing that same dedication in the development of Steps 7-12 and look forward to sharing it in 2021. 


WRS 4th Edition Product

What’s New & Enhanced in the 4th Edition?

The WRS 4th Edition has been updated extensively. With this new edition, we have ensured that the teacher and student resources continue to incorporate all the research-based best practices that have been a part of our teacher professional learning courses for many years.

The WRS 4th Edition includes the following highlights!

  • Expanded and revised Instructor Manual
  • Added focus on core/academic vocabulary
  • Integrated and systematic instruction of phonology, orthography, and morphology, including direct teaching of prefixes and Latin & Greek word elements
  • New fluency and comprehension guide for Block 3
  • Enhanced student progress monitoring
  • New high frequency word cards and phrases for practice and dictation
  • New sentences and expanded stories in the Student Readers, with focus on high frequency, core, and academic words
  • Minor scope and sequence changes, specifically related to morphology

Additional details about the 4th edition rollout and materials are available on our FAQ for WRS 4th Edition page, WRS Materials section, WRS 4th Edition Materials Information booklet, and online store.

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