FAQ for WRS 4th Edition

Have questions about the Wilson Reading System® (WRS) 4th Edition? Please review our FAQ below.

This page will be periodically updated as new information becomes available. Please contact us with any other questions you may have.


Teacher Support


What 4th edition materials are included in the new WRS Introductory Set for Steps 1-6?

The WRS Introductory Set includes material needed to teach Steps 1-6 of the program, including:

  • Instructor Manual (Steps 1-6)
  • Dictation Book (Steps 1-6)
  • Rules Notebook (Steps 1-12)
  • Student Readers 1-6 (one Reader for each Step)
  • Letter-Sound Cards
  • Word Cards (Steps 1-6)
  • Word Element & Syllable Cards (Steps 1-6)
  • High Frequency Word Cards (Steps 1-6)
  • End-of-Step Assessment (Steps 1-6) Set
  • Wilson Assessment of Decoding and Encoding (WADE)
  • Student Portfolio (Steps 1-6) includes:
    • Student Notebook (Steps 1-6)
    • Student Dictation Notebook (Steps 1-6)
    • A-Z tabs
  • Magnetic Journal with Letter Tiles
  • WRS Tote Bag

Are the 4th edition materials compatible with 3rd edition?

Because the scope and sequence remains largely the same with a few minor changes, the editions are compatible. However, the greater emphasis on a systematic approach toward teaching morphology, more explicit guidance for fluency and comprehension (Block 3), and revised progress criteria make the 4th edition Instructor Manual and End-of Step Assessment materials essential. Likewise, because there are significant changes with the addition of high frequency words and a focus on core vocabulary, the wordlists and connected text resources have been updated significantly in the Readers and Dictation Books.

It is recommended that, at a minimum, the following 4th edition Steps 1-6 materials be purchased:

  • Instructor Manual (Steps 1-6)
  • Student Readers 1-6
  • Dictation Book (Steps 1-6)
  • WADE and End-of-Step Assessment materials

How can I learn more about the new 4th edition materials?

Details about 4th edition items are available on our WRS Materials section on our website, as well as in the WRS 4th Edition Materials Information booklet.

When will 4th edition materials ship?

WRS 4th Edition materials for Steps 1-6 are currently available to ship. The WRS Advanced Set for Steps 7-12 and updated individual WRS Steps 7-12 items will be available to ship later in 2021. Student Readers for Steps 7-9 are available for purchase. 

How can I order 4th edition Steps 1-6 materials?

Orders for Steps 1-6 materials may now be placed through any of our standard methods:

  • Credit card orders may be submitted via our Online Store (excluding tax exempt) or toll free at 800.899.8454 (U.S. only; international orders call 508.368.2399) Monday – Friday, during our business hours.
  • Purchase orders may be submitted via fax to 508.368.2300, emailed to eorders@wilsonlanguage.com, or mailed to “Orders” at Wilson Language Training; 47 Old Webster Road; Oxford, MA 01540-2705.
  • Check or money orders should be mailed to “Orders” at Wilson Language Training; 47 Old Webster Road; Oxford, MA 01540-2705.

Please see our order policies and information for additional details.

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Teacher Support

Does the WRS Introductory Workshop I completed for the 3rd edition meet the WRS Level I Certification prerequisite requirements for the 4th edition?

Yes, attendance at a WRS Introductory Workshop/Course counts as a prerequisite for WRS Level I Certification training for five years, regardless of the WRS edition addressed in the workshop. Likewise, attendance at a WRS Advanced Strategies for MSL Group Instruction Workshop counts as a prerequisite for the WRS Group Mastery Practicum for three years, regardless of the WRS edition used in the practicum.

If I’m already Level I Certified, will I need to be retrained?

No, the 4th edition provides explicit guidance in the Instructor Manual. However, it will be highly beneficial to attend Wilson® conferences/institutes as well as stay connected via your Wilson Academy membership for webinars and other opportunities to learn more about the 4th edition. [Please note: the Wilson® Dyslexia Practitioner (W. D. P.) credential is valid for five years and must be renewed every five years after successfully completing re-credentialing activities and coursework.]

When will professional learning using the 4th edition become available?

For the 2018-2019 school year, WRS Introductory Courses and WRS Level I Certification are updated to reflect the new 4th edition. Individuals who enroll in Level I Certification must implement the program using WRS 4th Edition materials. A WRS 4th Edition Introductory Set (Steps 1-6) is required for each teacher. This set includes student materials needed for one practicum student.

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