Student Materials

Students gain fluency and accuracy by practicing skills with a substantial amount of controlled text. Wordlists, sentences, and stories are on average 98% decodable throughout the entire 12 Steps of the Wilson Reading System® (WRS). The materials that accompany WRS are appropriate for all learners, including English language learners, struggling to decode and encode in English.

The following student materials are included in the 4th edition WRS Introductory Set (Steps 1-6):

Wilson Reading System Student Reader set, student portfolio and Magnetic Journal with Letter TilesStudent Readers Set (Steps 1-6)*: Your student will gain accuracy and fluency by practicing their emerging decoding skills with highly controlled text. The wordlists, sentences, and stories in the Student Readers are on average 98% decodable, that is, the text is limited to phonetically controlled words and high frequency words that have been directly taught. The selected words have been carefully considered to include core and academic vocabulary words. (If teaching in group setting, each student will need their own set of Student Readers.)

Student Portfolio (Steps 1-6)*: This binder contains a Student Notebook, A-Z tabs for vocabulary, and a Student Dictation Notebook.

  • Student Notebook (Steps 1-6)*: This consumable resource is used by students as a reference for sounds, syllables, spelling rules, word elements, vocabulary, and high frequency words. The 4th edition Student Notebook reflects sequence updates (i.e., suffix -es taught at Substep 1.6), a word element section, as well as space to add all high frequency words taught in the program.
  • Student Dictation Notebook (Steps 1-6)*: This consumable provides students with a notebook for written work. The dictation pages now include word elements and phrases. At the end of the Student Dictation Notebook, alternative forms for the dictation page are provided. This includes a page for students who need handwriting support, and a page with spelling options.

Magnetic Journal with Letter Tiles (Steps 1-12): These student materials are used to practice the manipulation of word parts for spelling activities. New letter tiles for the 4th edition include v-e exceptions, silent letters, and blank suffix and prefix tiles.

The following resources are available to support and supplement WRS instruction:

Wilson Academy Student Materials: In the online Wilson Academy Intensive Learning Community (NLC), teachers can access additional student materials such as more decodable text and fluency drills for each WRS substep.

For more information about specific WRS 4th Edition materials, please see our WRS 4th Edition Materials Information booklet.

*Please be aware that 4th edition materials for Steps 7-12 are currently in development. If working with students in the upper steps, 3rd edition materials for WRS Steps 7-12 continue to be available to support instruction. Student Readers for Steps 7-9 are available for purchase.