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Statement of Solidarity

Over the last two weeks, we have witnessed a massive public outcry concerning racial injustices that have gone on for far too long.

We have used this time for careful, honest self-reflection in order to meaningfully articulate the pain and frustration that we, too, feel.

We support the brave, peaceful marches for Black Lives Matter, and we abhor any and all actions that put down another human being.

Though our words have power, action is needed. We believe this is the right and necessary reason to stand up, as individuals and as a unified nation, to demand a future that is possible only when we clearly hold it as our collective vision.

As you know, equity is at the heart of our mission when we say, “Literacy for All.” We know that we all have an active role to play in making this vision a reality.

This needs to start internally. We recognize that as an organization we can do more to increase diversity and foster an inclusionary environment.

Today, we promise that we will work together to determine an actionable path forward.

As we re-assess our organizational structures, recognize implicit bias, and take additional steps toward equity, we will continue to ask ourselves important questions, have difficult conversations, and educate ourselves on the systemic racism faced by the BIPOC community.

We are committed to racial justice, democracy and freedom, and we will work to contribute in every way we can, both within Wilson and our community of teachers and students.


Barbara & Ed Wilson