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WRS teacher with student using magnetic letter tiles

Unlocking Opportunities

Newly credentialed Wilson® Dyslexia Practitioner helping students discover their potential.

Hammer smashing the words Dyslexia Myths

Dyslexia Myths Debunked

Nine misconceptions worth busting this National Dyslexia Awareness Month.

Jonathan and teacher with Wilson certiificate

With Knowledge, Wisdom

Dyslexia interventionist builds teaching skills to build reading skills in students.

Presenter giving lesson in front of a video camera for Virtual Implementation Support

Virtual Implementation Support

Districts tapping into live, interactive support for Fundations and Just Words implementation.


Step Ahead, Together

Wilson Credentialed Trainers gather for annual meeting in advance of new school year.

Ainsley Proctor with Barbara and Ed Wilson and Teacher Christine Fagan

Ainsley’s Advantage

Recipient of national IDA award advocates for dyslexia awareness and law reform.

ilson's spring/summer newsletter, The Decoder

Spring/Summer 2019 Decoder

Catch up on the latest Wilson news, including the science of successful program implementation, Just Words milestone, student success stories, and more.

Student with parents and teacher sitting on couch

Father, Son, and Dyslexia

Same challenge, better solution, yields reading success for Illinois middle schooler.

The Wilsons Literacy for Life

Shared Values

Wilson and Becker College share many connections, including a commitment to students.


Teacher Appreciation

Wilson educators share their proudest teaching moments.


Welcome 2019!

What will the Wilson community collectively accomplish during the 8,760 hours that comprise 2019?


Accessibility and Universal Design for Learning

The UDL framework reduces barriers to enhance learning for all students.


Advancing Professional Goals

Online master's degree programs at St. Joseph's University embed WRS certification.

Wilson Dyslexia Practitioner Evan Lefton recalls her transition from struggling reader to special education instructor.

Inspired by Empathy

Wilson special educators share how their own reading challenges led them to become teachers.

Students and Teachers using Wilson

Fall/Winter 2018 Decoder

Catch up on the latest news, including district, student, and teacher success stories, professional learning opportunities, new collaborations, and much more.