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Photo of a student on first day of school next to a photo of same student in high school

Kindergarten to College

Perseverance, optimism, and preparation paved the path for student with dyslexia.

Just Words small group lesson on the left Wilson Reading System one on one lesson on the right

Just Words® or Wilson Reading System®?

Which program is right for your student?

A WRS student proudly displaying her diploma and WRS certificate

A Steadfast Scholar

Wilson Reading System® (WRS) Step 12 graduate takes an active approach to overcoming the challenges of dyslexia

A just words teacher with her student

Cultivating Confidence

Pennsylvania educator shares how she, and her students, have gained confidence and expertise through Wilson’s structured literacy programs.

Student and tutor learning at home

Building Reading Skills and Confidence

Early reading intervention, support, and resources shape student’s outlook on dyslexia.


Conquering Dyslexia, Together

Daughter’s dyslexia inspires mother to pursue a new career as a Wilson® teacher

Aden, Alec and Anna Rowley

Keep Moving Forward

Resilient Arizona family faces dyslexia and other life challenges with fortitude

A teacher giving a lesson safely behind plexiglass

A Leap of Faith

Wilson educator establishes free dyslexia clinic with support of community

Adam Maidman

The Sky’s the Limit

WRS alumnus soars to new heights

Skaneateles reading teachers

Educator Point of View

Wilson Reading System® is a Virtual Success in Skaneateles, NY

The 2020 Fall Decoder

Fall 2020 Decoder

Wilson Resources for an Evolving Educational Landscape

Students who completed WRS Step 12

WRS Step 12 x 2

Middle school students' success doubles their teacher's joy

Female student learning remotely

Inspiring One Another

Colleagues pay tribute to exceptional Wilson educators

Bailey and Mackenzie Bennett laying in a field of grass

Doubling Down on Dyslexia

Stellar students overcome their reading challenges with WRS

Wilson Online Resources

Teaching and Learning Resources for 2020-2021

Wilson® is here for you with new and expanded virtual support and resources for the upcoming school year.