Fundations® Level 2 Launch Workshop

9:00AM TO 3:30PM

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Location: Oxford, MA

Venue: Wilson Language Training

Enrollment: 2223-D37760B3

Trainer: Jean DeRosa

Price: $299.00

Fundations Level 2 Workshop


The Fundations Level 2 Workshop provides the practice and guidance needed to effectively begin teaching the Fundations Level 2 curriculum in a Tier 1 setting.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of the course, participants are able to:

  • Grasp the background knowledge and understand the research base supporting the why and how of Fundations instruction.
  • Identify the skills taught in Fundations Level 2: phonemic awareness; the alphabetic principle; sound mastery; ways to form the key linkages—letter name, formation, and the sound represented by the letter(s); vocabulary; high frequency/trick words; fluency; comprehension strategies; spelling and punctuation.
  • Understand the principles of instruction: explicit, sequential, and cumulative instruction that engages multiple learning modalities with multisensory instruction, repetition, and immediate, specific feedback.
  • Prepare a daily Level 2 learning plan and practice lesson activity procedures.
  • Build a learning-focused classroom by maximizing instructional time, learning lesson activities, using questioning to guide student learning and mastery, and encouraging craftsmanship for optimum outcomes.




One full day (5 hours)