WRS 4th Edition Institute

8:30AM TO 3:00PM

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Location: Pennington, NJ

Enrollment: 2122-0D9FD961

Trainer: Dee Rosenberg

Price: $449.00

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This workshop is offered through a Wilson® Accredited Partner. Wilson® Accredited Partner status affirms that the Partner meets Wilson Language Training standards for excellence in the delivery of Wilson® professional learning and business practices, and has been reviewed by Wilson Language Training. Please direct all communications and inquiries to the Partner organization rather than Wilson Language Training. The Partner organization will have the information you need about program schedules, registration, and enrollment. Read more about Wilson® Accredited Partners

WRS 4th Edition Institute


The Wilson Reading System® (WRS) 4th Edition Institute provides an in-depth, hands-on professional learning opportunity focused on Steps 1-6 the new edition.

Course Objectives

WRS 4th Edition Institute session topics include:

  • An Overview of the Wilson Reading System® Edition
  • A Systematic & Integrated Approach to Teaching Phonology, Morphology, and Orthography
  • The Study of Word Elements
  • Fourth Edition Materials Tour
  • WRS Instructor Manual and Lesson Plan Practice
  • Vocabulary and Wilson Words in the 4th Edition
  • Assessment, Accountability, and Instruction
  • End-of-Step Assessment Lesson Practice


WRS Level I or Level II Certification


Two consecutive days (10 hours)