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Trailblazers in the science of reading since 1985, Wilson Language Training is the most trusted Structured Literacy provider in the market. Our evidence-backed, multi-tiered reading system empowers students to become fluent, independent readers.

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Since implementing Wilson’s approach to Structured Literacy, reading scores in one Pennsylvania district improved 18% over the previous year, with 80% of students meeting (or exceeding) benchmark goals.

Pillar 1
Implementation Planning
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Implementation Planning

We partner with you on a comprehensive implementation plan, providing access to knowledgeable Literacy Advisors who know how to address the reading needs of every student in your district.

Pillar 2
Teacher Learning
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Teacher Learning

We train teachers to become experts in reading instruction, not just what to teach but how and why. Our Literacy Specialists, all former educators who taught Wilson programs for years, coach teachers to ensure each district receives the right support.

Pillar 3
Classroom Support
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Classroom Support

Our unique classroom toolkits include engaging, multisensory materials to help turn students into independent readers as they advance along their individual reading journeys to fluency and automaticity. In addition, our technology and data enables students to apply their skills and teachers to monitor their progress.

The Wilson Way

3 effective pillars,
1 proven pathway to literacy

From Tier 1 to Tier 3, our consistent programs provide familiar methods for students at every stage of their reading journey. The Wilson Way helps educators build a culture of reading mastery via 3 effective, evidence-backed pillars.

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Wilson works because the program is sequential, monitors students’ progress, and makes it easy to look at kids’ data, which is fantastic. As a classroom teacher and special educator, having these tools is what makes Wilson so successful.

Anne Marie Phelan, Second Grade Teacher

Multisensory foundational skills program using a Structured Literacy approach for students grades K-3.
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Digital practice activities aligned to each Fundations unit to reinforce daily lessons.
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All the materials required for a successful Fundations implementation in one easy transaction.
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Programs: Fundations®
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Pre-K to Grade 3: Grounded in the science of reading

Wilson’s Fundations utilizes a Structured Literacy approach to make learning to read fun while laying the groundwork for lifelong literacy.

Programs: Just Words® & Wilson Reading System®

The right approach for
every reader

From mild to moderate gaps in decoding and spelling proficiency to more challenging, language-based learning disabilities such as dyslexia, Wilson’s evidence-based approach delivers for every reader.

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Professional Learning

Committed to your success

We offer a variety of workshops and courses to help you become experts in reading instruction and build confidence in teaching Wilson’s programs.

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About Wilson

Wilson Language Training has been guiding educators with the science of reading for more than 35 years. Pioneers in Structured Literacy instruction, we continue to be a defining voice – providing science-based and research-backed literacy programs, combined with deep knowledge and support in implementation science, to help educators achieve their goals.

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Knowledge Library

Knowledge is empowerment

Helping you stay ahead of the latest developments in reading instruction, so you can make the best decisions on behalf of your students, is central to our support-based approach.

Fostering confident, independent readers and writers, together.

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