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Are you interested in submitting suggestions for product features or improvements?
WLT is incredibly grateful for the enthusiasm of the community for WLT’s products and services. However, at this time, WLT does not accept or consider any unsolicited suggestions for product features or improvements. Please do not share any ideas, prototypes, notes, drawings, or any other ideas or materials. WLT is unable to review or keep any such ideas or materials. If you send WLT this information and WLT ends up having the opportunity to review it, you agree that WLT can freely use such ideas or materials, in whole or in part, for any purpose, and WLT will not have any obligations to you in connection with that usage. If you contact WLT with an expert tip on how to use our existing materials or services, you agree that WLT may attribute that inquiry to you if WLT decides to use that expert tip.