Illustration of an owl wearing a graduation cap and holding a pointer. The owl stands next to the word 'Fundations,' spelled with three tiles 'f,' 'u,' and 'n,' and a fourth tile with 'o' seems to be jumping into place. 'Wilson Language Basics' is written below.' Illustration of an owl wearing a graduation cap and holding a pointer. The owl stands next to the word 'Fundations,' spelled with three tiles 'f,' 'u,' and 'n,' and a fourth tile with 'o' seems to be jumping into place. 'Wilson Language Basics' is written below.'

Fundations’ multimodal approach to reading, spelling, and handwriting makes learning to read fun for students and teachers. It lays the groundwork for lifelong literacy through a proven approach to Structured Literacy that is aligned with the science of reading.

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As a teacher, I want my students to have a toolbox of strategies they can use to decode words. Fundations has given my first graders the confidence to look at a multisyllabic word, break it into its parts, and then look for recognizable chunks like blends, glued sounds, and v-e patterns.

Lindsay Ciccone, First Grade Teacher, Madison, CT

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The research-based approach of the Fundations program allows teachers to confidently present a carefully structured reading, spelling, and handwriting curriculum using engaging materials and multimodal techniques.

Pioneered by Barbara Wilson, Fundations is grounded in the science of reading and guides teachers to provide effective instructional practices in print concepts, phonemic awareness, phonics and word study, vocabulary, automaticity/fluency, and comprehension. Instruction and practice occur in a systematic, cumulative, and explicit manner that maximizes classroom time and allows students to experience greater gains in the skills required for independent reading.


Fundations + FUN HUB,
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FUN HUB is an online resource for teachers that supports Fundations through instructional lessons, print and digital resources, on-demand videos, and our InterActivities app.

A teacher stands in front of a large interactive screen displaying the word were with several images and words. She is pointing at the screen while several young students seated on the floor raise their hands. Bookshelves and educational posters decorate the classroom.
Interactive and engaging activities aligned to Fundations scope and sequence help students master foundational literacy skills and provide actionable data and insights.
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Beautifully illustrated, 95% decodable texts for Levels K and 1. Levels 2 and 3 coming soon.
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Highly engaging activities for meaningful supplemental practice of taught skills across Levels K-3.
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Tier 2 Intervention Kit includes Teacher Manual with scripted lessons and student practice resources.
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Fundations® Resources

Practice matters — so does consistency. Fundations gives you both.

Research shows that consistency in procedures and language between the lesson and practice opportunities – in small groups, centers, or independent work – can significantly help students gain and master foundational reading skills.

Introducing Fundations Plus bundles!

The Fundations® Plus Classroom Set and the Fundations® Plus Student Success Bundle provide everything you need for a successful Fundations classroom, including access to FUN HUB® Practice digital student practice content for the first time!

The proven approach to delivering Structured Literacy instruction pioneered by Barbara Wilson

Practice opportunities and additional support for students in small groups, centers, or with individual work

Classroom- and building-level data for teachers and administrators to help inform instructional strategies and planning

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Fundations in action

Discover how one K-12 Director of Humanities in New York state utilized Fundations to close the learning gap for his K-3 students.

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Fundations resources and support

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