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Professional Learning

Wilson is currently working with schools and districts to provide remote professional learning opportunities.

NOW AVAILABLE: Public workshops hosted by Wilson are available in a virtual format. 

Wilson Accredited Partners are hosting workshops remotely and in person. For current options, please refer to our workshop pages and learn more on partner websites.

Professional learning and teacher support have been the primary focus of Wilson Language Training® for over 20 years. 

Wilson is passionate about providing educators with the knowledge and skills they need to help students who may benefit from a systematic, multisensory, structured language approach. Our hands-on professional learning programs are delivered by a nationwide team of expert Literacy Specialists and Trainers.

What are the Benefits of Wilson Professional Learning?

Teachers who participate in Wilson professional learning:

  • Become proficient at teaching structured literacy.
  • Gain the confidence, skills, and experience necessary to successfully teach reading and spelling. Have the opportunity to become teacher-leaders.
  • May become qualified to teach students with dyslexia.
  • Learn to teach reading and spelling using a straightforward, experiential learning approach that supports the goals, principles, and recommended practices of implementation science.
  • Acquire multisensory teaching strategies and a comprehensive understanding of the structure of the English language.
  • Improve the ability to plan and implement a coherent lesson based on the diverse needs of students.
  • Learn to teach Wilson programs with fidelity through the guidance of our experts.
  • Gain ongoing support for continuous improvement through the online Wilson Academy® Learning Communities, which deliver reference and instructional materials and networking opportunities.
  • May receive graduate credit for qualifying coursework.

Individuals may access professional learning opportunities in a variety of ways:

  • Workshops/Courses are scheduled at Wilson Language Training Headquarters in Oxford, MA, as well as by Accredited Partners at locations throughout the country.
  • Virtual Implementation Support is a continued professional learning opportunity offered for Fundations® and Just Words® educators. This online community is available for teachers who have completed the corresponding introductory workshop. It provides the opportunity for educators to deepen skills and knowledge during their first year of instruction. 
  • Certification programs for Wilson Reading System® (WRS) are offered at certification sites and by Accredited Partners throughout the country.  A web-based practicum is available for those individuals not able to access a WRS Certification site.
  • Events like our Wilson Conferences provide opportunities for WRS certified educators, Wilson Trainers, and administrators to gather and enhance their understanding of key topics in the field. Wilson experts also speak at conferences hosted by others, tradeshows, and literacy events across the country.

Schools and districts are able to build the capacity of their staff to support initial program implementation and sustain implementation with success within a multi-tiered system of supports. Guided by the principles of implementation science, Wilson collaborates with schools and districts to develop a comprehensive plan that guides on-site professional learning and self-sustaining capacity building. One tangible outcome is having an on-site teacher trained to provide instruction and intervention to all students, including the most challenged ones.

Please explore this section to learn about workshops/courses, certifications, and other support available for educators using our programs. With our expert professional learning, your success is our mission!