FUN HUB® + Fundations® Are Better Together

Strengthen Your Fundations Implementation with Exciting New FUN HUB Features

As we continue to expand and improve FUN HUB, we’re excited to introduce our new annual recurring subscription starting July 1, 2023*.

*Complimentary access to FUN HUB ended June 30, 2023. FUN HUB️ access is available in the United States and Canada (excluding Quebec).

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New Features

Learn More About the New Unit Test Tracker

Not an administrator? Your school or district may purchase a FUN HUB license for you. We encourage you to contact your school administrator, curriculum director, or the person responsible for digital purchases to find out how you can get access. 

Ways to Subscribe

Classroom Set (any Level)
Teacher Kit
(any Level) 
Multi-Level Kit
(any Level) 

Teacher’s Manual (any Level)  
Level 3 Implementation Kit 
WIN Prin Seat 

Individual licenses to FUN HUB can be purchased for $95/year per user. Click on the button below to submit a purchase order or pay with a credit card through the Wilson Academy® store.


FUN HUB + Fundations Are Better Together

FUN HUB is an online resource that supports Fundations through a collection of online instructional lessons, print and digital resources, on-demand videos, and InterActivities. 

Easy to Use and Convenient

Faster and More Efficient

Instant Access

Additional Features

Fundations InterActivities

An interactive teaching tool with Sound Cards and additional digital materials

Video Demos of New Concepts

Videos of expert literacy specialists teaching each new learning concept can be sent to students via easy links (great for supporting absent students and those who are in remote or hybrid setting; also terrific for new teachers learning how to present skills).

Targeted Practice Support

Videos of targeted lessons for each Unit/Week that can be shared with students and facilitated by support staff

Guidance and Support for Families

Videos provide an overview of the concepts taught in each Unit and tips to support students at home; can be sent via links.