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Materials for Wilson programs can be purchased through our online store. Orders also may be placed by phone, fax, or email. Please view our order policies and information page for additional details. If you have any questions, please . Our upcoming  2022 product catalog will feature Fundations®, Geodes®, Just Words®, Wilson Reading System®, Wilson Fluency®/Basic, and supplemental materials.   We are very pleased to announce the new Wilson Reading System 4th Edition! To learn more, please view the WRS 4th Edition Materials Information booklet below. WRS 4th Edition Mate [...]

FAQ for Wilson Professional Credentials

By earning a , Wilson Reading System® (WRS) certified educators demonstrate their dedication to high-quality reading instruction and ongoing professional learning in the field. Learn more about claiming and renewing a Wilson Professional Credential through the questions below. 1. Wilson Professional Credentials & WRS Certification Why would I want to claim and maintain a Wilson Professional Credential? How can I earn a Wilson Professional Credential? Does renewing my Wilson Professional Credential mean I have to also renew my WRS Level I or Level II Certification? What happe [...]

Terms of Use

PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING CAREFULLY:,,, and (each individually called the “Site”) are websites of the Wilson Language Training Corporation (WLT). These Terms of Use govern your access to and use of each of these Sites, and any other WLT Site, any information, text, graphics, logos, icons, or other materials appearing on the Site (the “Content”), and any services provided through the Site (the “Services”). Your access to and use of the Site, Content, and/or Services are expressly conditioned on your c [...]

Supporting Your Students During Remote and Blended Instruction

Thank you for visiting! Please note we have moved program resources for remote instruction to the Fundations® Virtual Resource Hub, the Wilson Academy Intervention Learning Community for Just Words®, and the Wilson Academy Intensive Learning Community for the Wilson Reading System®.   For Fundations® resources, please log in to the FUN HUB™. Have questions or want to learn more about the FUN HUB™? Visit our information page or FAQ. Use these link for Tier 1 and 2 instruction for students in K-3   For Just Words® resources, please log in to the Wilson Aca [...]

Intensive Learning Community

The Intensive Learning Community (NLC) provides educators implementing the Wilson Reading System® (WRS) with essential resources and support. Features Informational passages of varying text structure, both enriched and non-controlled readable text, to incorporate into Part 10 of a WRS Lesson. Printable materials for teachers and students, including lesson plan guidance, notebook examples, word cards, and more. Resources, such as lesson plans, cue cards, dictation pages, and group lesson forms. Video demonstrations of basic WRS instruction and skills, including sound tapping and mar [...]

Teacher Support

At Wilson Language Training®, our goal is to provide educators with resources, tools, and information to enhance Fundations® instruction and support its implementation with fidelity. Our comprehensive professional learning opportunities ensure teachers are prepared to effectively use Fundations within their schools’ Multi-tiered System of Supports (MTSS). Wilson offers support to individual teachers, and to schools and districts as part of a customized COMPASS plan. Individual teachers provide the practice and guidance needed to effectively begin teaching the Fundations® curr [...]

Privacy Policy

Wilson Language Training Corporation (“WLT”) has created this Site to provide you with information and access to the educational materials, programs, and services offered by WLT. We are committed to respecting your privacy. We appreciate the trust you place in WLT. This Privacy Policy constitutes the agreement between you and WLT regarding your provision, and our collection and use of, contact and other information you may provide while using our Site. By using our Site, you consent to this Privacy Policy. WLT only collects your information when it is necessary to provide you with its ser [...]

Intervention Learning Community

The Intervention Learning Community (ILC) provides educators with helpful resources and support to enhance their implementation of Just Words®. Features Just Words InterActivities whiteboard application tool to help teachers prepare for class by practicing sound and word structure. This tool can also be used interactively with students in class (if whiteboard technology and web access are available). Printable materials to organize and enhance Just Words lessons, including cue cards, checklists, and worksheets. Resources, such as lesson plans, student progress measurement, and studen [...]

Prevention / Early Intervention Learning Community

The Prevention/Early Intervention Learning Community (PLC) provides educators implementing Fundations® with helpful resources and support. Features Printable materials to enrich Fundations instruction, including worksheets, wordlists, and student reference materials. Resources, such as learning plans, teacher checklists, materials management, and Unit test materials. Video demonstrations of Fundations activities, syllable types, tapping, and marking for each Level. Intervention resources, as well as Progress Monitoring tools. Expert tips. FAQs. Discussion boards. Membershi [...]

Learning Communities

The Wilson Academy® Learning Communities are membership-based companion sites to support individuals teaching Wilson's programs. They provide the Wilson teaching community with anytime, anywhere access to reference and instructional materials, as well as networking opportunities. The following communities are offered: - Companion site for Fundations® - Companion site for Just Words® - Companion site for Wilson Reading System® (WRS) Access Wilson Academy® Login Register Now Access codes are provided with: On-site professional learning by your coordinating sch [...]