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Accessibility and Universal Design for Learning

Do you notice the differences between the three scenarios above? In the first scenario, each child gets exactly the same support. The second scenario demonstrates how each child gets what is needed to access the ball game. The third scenario presents a thought-provoking concept: Why don’t we make things accessible for all from the beginning? Herein lies the bedrock of Universal Design for Learning (UDL). According to the UDL guidelines from CAST, UDL diminishes barriers and amplifies learning for all students. Teachers that apply  UDL principles to their teaching provide multiple means of [...]

Evidence of Effectiveness

The evidence is in, and it is clear: The Wilson Reading System® (WRS), published for 30 years, has been successfully implemented in public school districts, private clinics, and adult education settings across the country. Other Wilson programs, Fundations® for K-3, Just Words® for grades 4-12 and adults, and Wilson Fluency®/Basic, are based on these same proven WRS principles. The following publications, citations, and studies provide Evidence of Effectiveness of Wilson® programs' direct, explicit, and multisensory instruction. For more study results for each program, also visit the [...]

Program Effectiveness

Wilson Reading System® (WRS) is effective in developing the reading skills of individuals with a language-based learning disability or who have otherwise struggled to learn to read. Below is a selection of findings. Duff, Stebbins, Stormont, Lembke, & Wilson In an independent study, the effectiveness of the Wilson Reading System was demonstrated to be effective in fostering fluency and comprehension skills among students with disabilities. Key findings demonstrated statistically significant growth in oral reading fluency and reading comprehension among students receiving one year of WRS [...]

Fundations Workshop Descriptions

Fundations®’ research-based approach and extensive program materials allow K-3 teachers to present a carefully structured reading and spelling curriculum using multisensory techniques. Fundations thoroughly teaches the foundational skills, and significantly supports reading, writing, speaking, and language standards found in states’ rigorous college- and career-ready standards. The program addresses all five areas of reading instruction with an emphasis on systematic phonics and word structure. Learn more about: Virtual Format Fundations Level K Virtual Launch Workshop (Instructo [...]

Sustainable Syracuse

In 2008, the Syracuse City School District (SCSD) in central New York entered into the world of Wilson® with great hopes and expectations as well as a solid plan for consistent, in-district training that would allow educators to provide expert instruction and improve student outcomes. Since then, the district of 21,700 students and 1,750 teachers “has maintained high-quality Wilson professional learning that is ongoing, job embedded, and focused on strengthening teacher practice and student learning,” shares Francine Grannell, the district’s Director of Professional Development. “We [...]


 “Far too many children with learning and attention issues are undiagnosed until well into their elementary school years, or even later, at which point they are performing behind their peers and struggling to catch up. Screening students for learning and attention issues—beginning as early as preschool and continuing through early elementary school—can ensure that children have appropriate support and professionals have the tools to better understand and address each child’s needs." (National Center for Learning Disabilities (NCLD), 2017) The importance of early screening for sig [...]

Student Identification

Just Words® is a highly explicit program for students in grades 4-12 and adults who have mild to moderate gaps in their decoding and spelling proficiency, but who do not have a significant language learning disability such as dyslexia. The targeted, high-quality literacy instruction provided in a Just Words classroom can help struggling students build the word-level skills they need to achieve at higher academic levels across the curriculum.  Proper student placement and grouping is critical to the success of every Just Words class. Groups should be:   homogeneous based [...]

Response to EdReports on Fundations

Fundations® offers a program deeper and more comprehensive than what is captured by the EdReports rubric. The bullets below identify aspects of the Fundations program not reflected in the review. As a result, the true essence of Fundations is not captured, and comparison using this rubric does not represent Fundations’ significant differences with other programs. While a synthetic, systematic phonics program is essential, it is not sufficient. Fundations goes beyond phonics to thoroughly integrate the instruction of total word structure, including syllable patterns, affixes, [...]


Enhanced and extensively updated, the Wilson Reading System (WRS) 4th Edition builds on more than 30 years of proven success in literacy instruction. It provides teacher and student resources that incorporate all the research-based best practices that have been part of our teacher professional learning courses for many years. Wilson Reading System® instructional materials provide teachers with the tools they need to implement a structured literacy program. The fourth edition of WRS offers teachers even more precise guidance and extensive resources in word structure, vocabulary, fluency, and [...]


  From I-495 Take I-90 West (Mass Pike) toward Worcester. Follow directions from the Mass Pike below. From the Mass Pike Take I-90 (Mass Pike) toward Worcester. At exit 10, turn right onto ramp toward RT-12 / I-395 / I-290 / Auburn / Worcester, keep left. Keep left to stay on ramp toward I-290 / I-395 / Worcester / Oxford / US-20. Take the right ramp onto I-290 toward I-395 / Norwich CT. At exit 6A, road name changes to I-395. Follow directions from I-395 South below. From I-395 South At exit 4B, take ramp onto Sutton Avenue toward Sutton Ave / Oxford Ctr. [...]