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Build on Skills: Targeted Practice in Fundations®

Teacher with five students working on targeted practice

According to a 2022 study by nonprofit research organization Brookings, the average reading test scores of students in primary school dropped significantly during the first two years of the pandemic.

Fast forward two years, and while gains have certainly been made, many young readers are still unable to achieve grade-level reading proficiency. Now, more than ever, a structured literacy approach to teaching reading is paramount for early reading success and lifelong literacy.

A Structured Approach

Research shows that repeated practice over time is crucial for students to grasp foundation literacy skills, as is consistency between the style and format of classroom instruction and assigned practice activities. 

Grounded in the science of reading, Fundations® evidence-based curriculum for grades K-3 is designed to equip all students with a solid foundation in reading, spelling, and handwriting. The program empowers teachers to provide carefully structured 30-minute daily lessons reinforced with targeted practice activities aligned to the Fundations scope and sequence. 

Targeted practice is the connective tissue between what is taught in the classroom and each student’s ability to achieve mastery and command of the skills. Fundations explicit activities reinforce new and previously taught concepts in a variety of engaging ways, giving students ample opportunities to practice what they’ve learned throughout the day. 

This repetition is a vital component of early reading education for all students. It’s also a powerful tool to help teachers address common knowledge gaps in the moment, before struggling readers have the chance to fall behind.

Putting it into Practice  

The Wilson Academy Fundations Learning Community provides an abundance of targeted practice materials that allow students to apply taught skills outside the daily lesson. There are also some exciting new resources to complement Fundations that will be available for the upcoming school year.

  • FUN HUB® Practice: Student digital practice hub provides interactive weekly practice activities aligned to each Fundations® Unit that reinforce daily lessons. 
  • Fundations®  Practice Books: Student consumable contains revised FUN HUB practice pages and newly designed activities for meaningful supplemental practice of new and review concepts.
  • Fundations® Readers: Decodable book sets with 95% or more decodable text students can read using word knowledge taught in class helps them progress from accurate to automatic reading. 

Fundations curriculum bakes in the repetition and reinforcement of foundational skills every student needs to succeed – from the struggling beginner reader to the most sophisticated Harry Potter aficionado. By weaving targeted practice throughout the day, Fundations lays the groundwork for lifelong literacy while fostering a supportive and inclusive learning environment for all students.