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Partnering with Administrators for Literacy Success

We work alongside administrators in schools and districts to promote “Literacy for All.”

Our approach to working with school districts interested in Wilson® professional learning focuses on developing comprehensive literacy plans that detail the training and materials needed to begin or sustain program implementation with fidelity.

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School and District Plans

COMprehensive Plans for Achieving Success and Sustainability, or COMPASS plans, ensure that schools and districts interested in securing internal professional learning to implement Wilson programs can do so successfully. Wilson’s goal in this collaborative process is to create the playbook to build each school or district’s self-sustaining capacity to utilize and support Wilson’s programs by developing Facilitators and Presenters for Fundations®; Facilitators for Just Words®; and teachers and trainers credentialed in the Wilson Reading System® (WRS).

See COMPASS plans below for more information.

Expanding Professional Learning Opportunities

When teachers implement Wilson’s® programs as designed, students succeed. To gain the deep knowledge and skills needed to achieve this requires focused training. In addition to offering professional learning opportunities directly, Wilson partners with experienced professionals to expand the availability of our professional services.