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School and District Literacy Plans

Wilson® supports school and district personnel in developing comprehensive implementation and sustainability plans.

Let us support you from program implementation to success

Wilson’s Implementation Teams are ready to collaborate with you to develop custom plans that incorporate the professional learning events that meet your literacy goals. Each unique COMprehensive Plan for Achieving Success and Sustainability (COMPASS plan) is customized to suit your school or district. COMPASS plans are aligned with the scientific principles of implementation science.

Wilson’s goal of professional learning support is to positively impact the learning environment and build program sustainability through rigorous training that, over time, develops educator practice and expertise to improve student learning.

Wilson’s approach in working with districts is uniquely focused on partnering with educators and administrators so that their students will be successful.

To achieve this, Wilson is committed to providing rigorous professional learning opportunities that incorporate the science of reading to affect change and make a positive difference in student outcomes. Teachers and students deserve no less.

Wilson’s professional learning develops:

  • teachers who can implement our programs with confidence and fidelity so that all students successfully master the foundational skills presented in the program;
  • deeply skilled teacher leaders to support colleagues; and
  • expert individuals able to build capacity and sustain the integrity of program implementation long after Wilson’s initial on-the-ground support.

Benefits of a COMPASS Plan

Guided by a COMPASS plan, school districts and organizations partner with Wilson to:

  • Move smoothly from the first interactions of administrators, school leadership, and teachers through sustainability planning
  • Develop plans to sustain program implementation and teacher support with workshops, courses, demonstration sites, coaching visits, and Virtual Implementation Support (VIS)
  • Create Just Words® and Fundations® support teams by credentialing Facilitators and Presenters.
  • Develop Wilson® Dyslexia Practitioners (W.D.P.) and Wilson® Dyslexia Therapists (W.D.T.)
  • Use a well-established model for developing a district’s own Wilson Reading System® (WRS) Credentialed Trainer(s) (W.C.T.)
  • Support Principals through a virtual community of practice to explore key conditions that support successful implementation
  • Empower educators to teach Wilson programs with fidelity by deepening content knowledge and teaching skills
  • Ensure that plans follow the principles and research-based methodologies of implementation science

Timeline and Availability

The COMPASS process begins well in advance of a school year because the commitments to schools and districts are made on a first-come, first-served basis until Wilson reaches its capacity to provide this level of service. Given the depth of our professional learning offerings, support is only delivered by our highly qualified team of Wilson® Literacy Specialists and Wilson® Credentialed Trainers (W.C.T.). We strongly advise schools/districts to contact Wilson as soon as possible to begin the planning process.

Compass with the word Compass spelled out on the side

Provide the Right Level of Support for Each Student

Our instructional models meet the needs of distinct student populations.

Build Sustainability

To preserve your plan’s literacy gains, we’ve created a series of certifications that train teacher-leaders, foster a culture of collaborative professional learning, and enable school and individual development.

Graduate Credit

Graduate credit is available for educators who complete Wilson Language Training® professional development courses and workshops through a partnership with Fitchburg State University.