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Wilson Reading System® Trainer Development

WRS Trainer Development builds a district’s local capacity to offer WRS training to their teachers at significantly reduced costs

Why Develop Wilson Reading System® (WRS) Trainers

The highest level of training we offer is the Wilson® Credentialed Trainer (W.C.T.) program. W.C.T.s guide and support WRS implementation in their district, ensuring that all teachers of WRS maintain the highest level of fidelity, which results in student success.

Each year, Wilson invites a limited number of educators to train for one full year as Wilson Reading System® (WRS) Trainer Interns. To be eligible, individuals must have completed WRS Level I Certification and WRS Level II Certification, along with other prerequisites described below. Individuals who successfully complete the internship become Wilson® Credentialed Trainers (W.C.T.), who are then able to conduct and supervise WRS programs as part of their job responsibilities at a significantly reduced cost.

Wilson Trainer teaching interns

Details of Trainer Development

The school district must commit to having a COMPASS (Comprehensive Plans for Achieving Success and Sustainability) Plan in place for the internship year. To support the internship, the district must also assign six to ten participants to the WRS Level I Certification program for the upcoming school year. When selecting a candidate to become an intern, the school district must be cognizant of the ongoing roles and responsibilities of that individual after completing their internship. An intern must be a salaried school district staff member (3/4 or full time) with designated time in their work schedule to support teachers. Learn more details below.