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Find a Certified Instructor

WRS Certified Educators

Our policy is to provide the contact information of only Wilson Reading System® certified individuals who are currently credentialed ® Professional Credentials”>Wilson® Dyslexia Practitioners (W.D.P.) or Wilson® Dyslexia Therapists (W.D.T). This is our way of assuring the integrity of the program. This supports the implementation of the program in the way it was designed so that students successfully learn to read and spell.

Wilson credentialed professionals recognize the importance of ongoing development in the field of reading instruction and high standards of practice within the Wilson community and implement Wilson programs with fidelity to ensure students successfully learn to read, write, and spell.

Click on a grouping in your desired area on the map to view the WRS certified individuals in that area. For a printed list of Certified Instructors which includes international Certified Instructors, please contact Customer Support.


Credentialed WRS Individuals Tutor Map

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