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Fraudulent Job Posting Notice

Thank you for your interest in employment at Wilson Language Training Corporation. We have become aware that scammers may create fake job postings for roles at Wilson, as part of a fraudulent “phishing” scheme targeting job seekers. “Phishing” refers to the fraudulent practice of sending emails purporting to be from reputable companies to deceive people into revealing personal information, such as financial information.

Given Wilson’s deep commitment to privacy, we wanted to make you aware of certain features of our hiring process:

  1. Legitimate emails/communications from Wilson will only come from email addresses from a Wilsonlanguage.com email address or via ClearCompany Talent Managemant (which will be a msg.clrco.com email address).
  2. Wilson only accepts job applications through the following websites: Wilsonlanguage.com, Indeed.com, and LinkedIn.
  3. Wilson will not ask you to download any apps or use unconventional conference call tools. Many scammers will use these types of tools to perform false interviews in an anonymous fashion.
  4. Wilson will not ask for any financial commitment or contribution from a candidate at any stage of the recruitment process. Wilson will not ask you to incur particular expenses before you are hired (such as purchasing equipment from particular sources or booking travel through specific travel agencies) with the promise that you will be reimbursed, except for small accessories (e.g., a mouse or a webcam) for remote employees.

Wilson has no responsibility for fraudulent offers and strongly encourages candidates to follow the guidance provided above. If you have any questions about potentially fraudulent job postings or communications, please contact us at info@wilsonlanguage.com.