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Wilson Reading System® Materials

Getting Started

Wilson Reading System® (WRS) program materials provide daily support for teachers and practical guidelines for implementation. When getting started, the 4th Edition WRS Introductory Set (Steps 1-6) provides the materials needed to teach Steps 1–6 of the program. It includes one set of student materials.

In a group setting, each student requires their own materials, including:

  • Student Readers
  • Magnetic Journal with Letter Tiles
  • Student Portfolio
  • End-of-Step Assessment materials for students, including a Student Progression Recording Form and a My Step Progress Booklet

The following Steps 1–6 consumable student materials will need to be replaced each year:

  • End-of-Step Assessment Steps 1–6 Student Pack (includes six consumable Student Progression Recording Forms and six consumable My Step Progress Booklets)
  • Student Portfolio for Steps 1–6 (includes the Student Notebook Steps 1-6 and Student Dictation Notebook Steps 1–6)

The WRS Advanced Set and WRS Advanced Set Plus include the teacher and student materials necessary to teach Steps 7–12. Each item is also sold separately. As with Steps 1–6, consumable student materials will need to be replaced each year.

WRS Program Materials

Explore the sections below to learn more about instructor and student materials.

Professional Learning to Deepen Understanding & Student Success

Wilson Language Training® recommends professional learning and implementation guidance for educators implementing WRS. Professional learning opportunities may include:

To ensure WRS is delivered with fidelity, instructors should hold at least a WRS Level I Certification. The training involved in achieving this certification provides teachers with the knowledge and application skills they need to implement the program with fidelity to maximize student achievement.

The Wilson Reading System® (WRS) builds on more than three decades of proven success teaching the structure of the English language, decoding, and spelling in an explicit, systematic, and sequential manner.

Fostering confident, independent readers and writers, together.

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