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Learning Communities

The Wilson Academy® Learning Communities are membership-based companion sites to support individuals teaching Wilson's programs. They provide the Wilson teaching community with anytime, anywhere access to reference and instructional materials, as well as networking opportunities. The following communities are offered: - Companion site for Fundations® - Companion site for Just Words® - Companion site for Wilson Reading System® (WRS) Access Wilson Academy® Login Register Now Access codes are provided with: On-site professional learning by your coordinating sch [...]

WRS Steps 7-12 Practicum

In the Wilson Reading System® (WRS) Steps 7-12 Practicum, participants focus on advanced word study and application of reading and writing skills with progressively more challenging levels of text. The practicum requires successful delivery of a minimum of 50 full WRS lessons with an approved student, and submission of at least three videoed lessons for review and feedback. Learn more about: Registration Process Prerequisites Duration Requirements Practicum Student Selection Criteria Materials Upon Completion Graduate Credit Registration Process Interested in regi [...]

Web-Based Practicum

Wilson Reading System® (WRS) Level I Certification involves online coursework and web-based practicum observations with a Wilson® Credentialed Trainer. Participants should be comfortable with the use of computers. Registration Please review the , Web-Based Practicum requirements, and technical requirements prior to registration, as the commitment is considerable. It is highly recommended that you have a practicum student in mind who appears to fit the selection criteria. Please note that capacity for this option is limited, dependent on trainer availability. If you are interested in purs [...]

Looking for blended and online tools to support your instruction or professional learning?

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Presenter Development

Fundations® Presenters and Just Words® Presenters are skilled Facilitators with Wilson Reading System® (WRS) Certification who have completed additional professional learning that allows them to conduct program workshops within their district (dependent on credentials). Presenter Development provides a district with the opportunity to effectively deliver workshops for new teachers or to expand implementation at significantly reduced costs. Presenters serve as knowledgeable resources for their colleagues and administrators, and support program implementation with fidelity. If your school o [...]

Community Outreach

Wilson Language Training believes in the importance of community engagement and supporting worthy organizations to help make the world a better place. Below is a sampling of our Community Outreach efforts; organizations that we support may change year-to-year. Earth Day In honor of Earth Day, Wilson staff volunteer in our local communities by planting greenery, collecting trash, and managing overgrown brush. By clearing debris and nurturing the greenery of our local parks and town centers, Wilson aims to make the community a better, healthier place. We are also dedicated to being gree [...]

Fairfield University Launches Online Dyslexia Interventionist Certificate

As states continue to enact laws requiring public schools to accommodate the learning needs of students with dyslexia, the importance of preparing new and veteran teachers in effective, multisensory structured literacy is gaining ground as well. During this academic year, Fairfield Universitys Graduate School of Education & Allied Professions launched a fully online, 10-credit certificate program in multisensory structured literacy instruction in partnership with Wilson Language Training.This new program expands opportunities for educators to effectively help students with dyslexia [...]

FAQ for Wilson Professional Credentials

By earning a , Wilson Reading System® (WRS) certified educators demonstrate their dedication to high-quality reading instruction and ongoing professional learning in the field. Learn more about claiming and renewing a Wilson Professional Credential through the questions below. 1. Wilson Professional Credentials & WRS Certification Why would I want to claim and maintain a Wilson Professional Credential? How can I earn a Wilson Professional Credential? Does renewing my Wilson Professional Credential mean I have to also renew my WRS Level I or Level II Certification? What happe [...]


Just Words® supports struggling readers those who have not mastered the foundational skills of language structure typically learned in grades K-3 with strategies that will allow them to independently read and spell words and build the skills necessary to access and master grade-level standards. Emphasizing phonemic awareness, phonics, word study, and spelling, Just Words is the word study component of the Wilson Reading System® curriculum at an accelerated pace. As such, the  mirror each other. Just Words addresses:  Foundational and language standards that are absolutely n [...]


Fundations® is a multisensory and systematic phonics, spelling, and handwriting program that benefits all K-3 students.  It also includes a supplementary activity set for Pre-K students. Fundations is designed as a whole-class, general education program used for prevention (Tier 1) purposes. It also can be taught in a small group or 1:1 setting for intervention (Tier 2). Informed by an extensive  to facilitate teachers' use of the program and promote student motivation. Guides teachers on how to meet individual student needs by differentiating instruction.Supports teachers through the o [...]