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Welcome to the Fundations® Virtual Showcase

Here you will find resources to familiarize yourself with the Fundations® program.

Fundations® Levels K–3

Welcome to Fundations

Orientation to Fundations

Home Support Video Sample (Level K)

Fundations® Sample Lessons

The following full lesson demonstrations are provided for each level of Fundations. Please note that the videos do not represent the entire program. The Fundations daily learning plan is 30-minutes and consists of 3–5 activities that are rotated daily. The lesson demonstrations represent activities that are scheduled for that specific day.

Fundations Full Lesson Video:
Level K Unit 1

Fundations Full Lesson Video:
Level 1 Unit 3

Fundations Full Lesson Video:
Level 2 Unit 5

Fundations Full Lesson Video:
Level 3 Unit 3

Fundations® Program Overview Guides

The Fundations Program Overview guides provide level-specific information about Fundations, including an overview of the research base, summary of instruction in each of the foundational reading skills, and information about the activities and materials to support a multisensory structured literacy approach to instruction.

Fundations Level K
Program Overview

Fundations Level 1
Program Overview

Fundations Level 2
Program Overview

Fundations Level 3
Program Overview

Materials Overview

Below are links to a one-page overview of the materials for each level.

  • Fundations® Materials Overview Level K
  • Fundations® Materials Overview Level 1
  • Fundations® Materials Overview Level 2
  • Fundations® Materials Overview Level 3

Materials Guide

For initial implementation, the following materials are needed per classroom per level:

  • One Teacher’s Kit (Includes all instructor materials and one set of student materials. Also includes membership to the online Fundations Learning Community.)
  • One Student Kit for each student (Includes both durable and consumable materials.)

For subsequent implementations:

  • Make sure each student has the required Student Durables
  • Replenish Student Consumables for each student

Materials for Wilson programs can be purchased through our online store. Orders may also be placed by phone, fax, or email. Please view our order policies and information for additional details. If you have any questions about our products please chat with a Customer Support Specialist or call our Customer Support Center at 800.899.8454.

Fundations® Correlation to Foundational Skills Standards 

Fundations® Supports Culturally Responsive – Sustaining Education

Click here to see how the Fundations program helps support the implementation of a culturally responsive-sustaining education framework.