Facilitator Certification

Fundations® Facilitators and Just Words® Facilitators are trained to support teachers using the program, promoting student achievement through fidelity of implementation.

Facilitator Certification develops teacher-leaders and a culture of collaborative professional learning that enables school and individual development.

If your school or organization is interested in developing a plan that includes Facilitator Certification, please contact us to start the discussion.

Professional Learning Facilitator Certification
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The Facilitator Certification program is only offered as part of a school or district’s COMPASS Plan due to the environment needed for this instructional model.

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Facilitator Certifications Offered

  • Fundations Facilitator Certification Level K
  • Fundations Facilitator Certification Level 1
  • Fundations Facilitator Certification Level 2
  • Fundations Facilitator Certification Level 3
  • Fundations Facilitator Certification Intervention
  • Just Words Facilitator Certification

Note: To obtain Fundations Facilitator Certification, the individual must fulfill the Facilitator Credential Requirements and Proficiencies for each desired Level of credential.

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Facilitator Selection

The Facilitator candidate should have:

  • A willingness to take on the Facilitator role as a leader in the school, in the classroom, and among peers.
  • The capacity to support other teachers in their building (for example, instructional or reading coaches).
  • Excellent communication skills and an ability to work well in collaborative interaction with peers.
  • The ability to travel to the Primary Coaching Site to participate in Coaching Visit activities.
  • Experience working directly with students, preferably with Fundations or Just Words.
  • Experience assisting other teachers.
  • Level I Certification in the Wilson Reading System® (preferred, but not required).

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One school year

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The Facilitator must participate in four coaching days at the Primary Coaching Site, complete online coursework, and satisfactorily complete the Certification proficiencies for each program/Level being pursued.

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Upon Completion

Upon completion of the Certification, Facilitators will be able to:

  • Support a common understanding among all teachers of effective program implementation.
  • Assist teachers by demonstrating specific activity procedures for the program/Level.
  • Demonstrate working knowledge of the selected curriculum and corresponding instruction.
  • Assist and support teachers with an understanding of program materials, classroom setup, and access to Wilson’s online learning communities.
  • Schedule and facilitate ongoing study groups.
  • Determine material needs and assist with the ordering process.
  • Utilize a variety of data to measure the outcomes of teaching and learning, and to determine how best to differentiate instruction independently and in collaboration with colleagues.

Facilitators who are WRS Level I Certified and recommended by their Literacy Specialist may also be considered for Presenter Development, which upon completion, allows the individual to conduct program workshops within the district.

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Graduate Credit

Three graduate credits (optional) are offered for each of the following Facilitator courses upon completion of all certification requirements. The Facilitator Certification is listed below with the corresponding official course title, used when seeking credit:

  • Fundations Facilitator Certification (Level K, 1, 2 or 3) [General Education Classroom (Tier 1) Foundational Skills with Fundations Facilitator Certification Course (Level K, 1, 2 or 3)]

(Please note that graduate credit is only awarded for one Level of Fundations Facilitator Certification, even if multiple Levels are completed.)

  • Fundations Facilitator Intervention Certification [Intervention (Tier 2) Foundational Skills with Fundations Facilitator Intervention Certification Course]
  • Just Words Facilitator Certification [Classroom (Tier 2) Foundational Skills with Just Words Facilitator Certification Course]

Graduate credit is available through Fitchburg State University, Fitchburg, MA. Please see Process for Graduate Credit for details.

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