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Fundations® Resource


FUN HUB is our subscription-based, online extension of Fundations. It provides Unit-by-Unit resources such as FUN HUB® Practice, Unit Test Tracker, and Fundations InterActivities, as well as professional learning resources and opportunities for teachers. FUN HUB️ access is available in the United States and Canada (excluding Quebec).

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FUN HUB Practice is a fantastic digital tool that helps students bridge the gap between speech and print, allowing them to apply learned skills in an engaging and effective way.

Jake Daggett, Foundational Literacy Director
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Introducing FUN HUB Practice!

FUN HUB Practice provides students with online activities aligned to Fundations for practice of foundational literacy skills outside of regular lessons. 

Teachers can track student performance on FUN HUB Practice and address individual needs ahead of each Unit test. Administrators are able to view data across grades and classes to inform literacy strategies.

FUN HUB Practice is available at part of Fundations® Plus Classroom Sets and Student Success Bundles.

FUN HUB Practice
Digital learning experience
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FUN HUB Practice

FUN HUB Practice allows students to apply their foundational literacy skills with engaging and interactive weekly activities aligned to the Fundations scope and sequence. FUN HUB Practice also provides students with corrective feedback carefully crafted by Fundations experts.

Unit Test Tracker
Easily manage spreadsheets
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Unit Test Tracker

The Unit Test Tracker allows you to record and track student Unit Test results. View and manage your classes with ease. Student performance data is shown in convenient color coding. Individual student records will help you customize their learning to target trouble areas.

Fundations InterActivities
Interactive teaching tool
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Fundations InterActivities

Fundations InterActivities is an interactive teaching tool that allows you to digitally manipulate Fundations materials like Sound Cards or Letter Tiles, demonstrate scooping and letter formation, and review Trick Word flashcards. A wonderful resource to use during classroom demonstrations or remote instruction!


Strengthen your Fundations implementation with FUN HUB

Whether it’s online practice for students, tracking student performance to inform instruction, or presenting digital versions of Sounds Cards, Letter Tiles or other materials to the class, FUN HUB is a dynamic complement to your Fundations implementation designed to meet the needs of today's teachers and learners.

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FUN HUB in action

The best way to appreciate the impact of FUN HUB Practice on student achievement? Watch it in action!

Introducing our Fundations bundles

Teaching Fundations just got easier. Everything you need for Fundations implementation is now combined into easy-to-purchase bundles. Plus, with the introduction of our new Fundations Plus bundles, you’ll have access to exciting new digital student practice content for the first time!

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