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Implementing Fundations®

Reduce reading and spelling failure in the general education classroom and help at-risk readers to achieve success before undergoing years of struggle.

Prevention is the Best First Step

Fundations® is a powerful foundational skills program for children in Grades K–3. Within a Multi-tiered System of Supports (MTSS) or Response to Intervention (RTI) framework, educators can implement it as high-quality foundational instruction (prevention) and/or as an early intervention (Tier 2) program for struggling or at-risk students. Fundations provides evidence-based content strategies that all students need to achieve reading and writing success.

Level-Grade Alignment

The four levels of Fundations will most often correspond to the students’ grade level. However, the program can also be used sequentially with struggling students in other grades. Combine Fundations with a core- or literature-based language arts program so students receive a comprehensive approach to writing and reading.

Fundations teacher writing the letter "t" on the writing grid while students skywrite

Our Tiered Instructional Approach

Fundations provides the research-validated foundational strategies that complement core English language arts (ELA) programs to meet rigorous college- and career-ready standards and serve the needs of all children in grades K–3. Within a MTSS or RTI framework, Fundations serves as both a (Tier 1) prevention and an early intervention program (Tier 2), providing children of varying learning abilities with a foundation for reading, spelling, and handwriting. In a Tier 1 setting, Fundations is universally designed to serve all K–3 students in the regular education classroom. As a Tier 2 program, Fundations is appropriate for at-risk students in the lowest 30th percentile and in need of strategic and targeted intervention. Instruction is provided by the classroom teacher and/or an interventionist. Implementation details vary depending on whether Fundations is also used in a Tier 1 setting.

Student Assessment

Monitoring student response to instruction allows teachers to design lessons that address students’ strengths and weaknesses. Student assessments ensure that intervention, when needed, is provided in a timely manner.

Learn about Professional Learning Opportunities

We provide educators with the training needed to enhance instruction and support implementation of Fundations® with fidelity to achieve student success. Whether it’s individual teacher support or school and district implementation plans, Wilson® is here to help.