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Fundations® Materials

Confidently implement a structured phonics, spelling, and handwriting curriculum with comprehensive and engaging materials.

Each Level of Fundations is supported by comprehensive instruction and student materials that allow K–3 teachers to confidently present a carefully structured, multisensory phonics and spelling curriculum using engaging techniques.

Prevention Model (Tier 1)

How skills and concepts are taught is equally as important as what is being taught. Fundations materials support an integrated approach to learning, decoding, spelling, and handwriting skills. Learning to read is made fun while laying the groundwork for lifelong literacy.

The initial implementation of Fundations will likely require the Fundations Classroom Set for 20 or 25 students. The Classroom Set includes the Teacher’s Kit plus all student consumable and durable materials for the selected program Level. The Teacher’s Kit contains all the instructional materials a teacher needs for the specific Level (K–3), plus one set of student materials. In subsequent years of implementation, consumable materials will need to be replaced. Each student will need their own durable and consumable materials for that Level. The Fundations Pre-K Activity Set includes all pre-k instructor materials and student materials for classroom implementation. Details about items are available on our Online Store.

Early Intervention Model (Tier 2)

Intervention teachers often teach students at various Levels throughout the day. The Fundations Multi-Level Kits provide the materials needed to teach different Levels. Each Multi-Level kit comes with a full Teacher’s Kit plus materials from other Levels necessary to deliver effective instruction for a range of Fundations Levels.

Fundations teacher and student standing at board at the front of a classroom

Laying the Groundwork

Explore the sections on Teacher and Student Materials to learn more about K–3 items.

Online Learning Community

The Fundations Learning Community on Wilson Academy provides educators implementing Fundations with helpful resources and support.

Membership to the Fundations Learning Community is included with the purchase of a Fundations Teacher’s Manual and/or upon enrollment in a Fundations professional learning workshop. For ongoing support, membership is renewable annually at no cost. Click here to learn more about the Fundations Learning Community.

FUN HUB® Virtual Resources

A subscription to the FUN HUB® offers valuable resources for your instruction.
Click here to learn more about the FUN HUB®.

Since our school district has implemented Fundations, we have nearly eliminated the number of students being referred into a reading intervention class or special education. We couldn’t be happier with the success of this program!

– Cheryl Ruyle, Elementary School Teacher, CA

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