Check out our Fundations Virtual Resource Hub! Districts and schools implementing Fundations will have access to a wide range of digital resources to support blended and online learning at no additional cost for the 2020-2021 school year.

Fundations® makes learning to read fun while laying the groundwork for lifelong literacy. Wilson achieves this by providing comprehensive program materials that allow K-3 teachers to confidently present a carefully structured phonics and spelling curriculum using engaging, multisensory techniques.

Teacher and students in a Fundations classroom

Teacher’s Kits (by program Level) include a detailed, hardcover manual with day-to-day learning plans and extensive support materials to demonstrate the concepts using visual and kinesthetic strategies. Student materials, manipulatives, and workbooks allow for extensive practice in skills development. Home Support Packs encourage parental involvement.

Prevention Model (Tier 1)

A Teacher’s Kit contains all the instructional materials a teacher needs for the specific Level (K-3), including one set of student materials. Each student will need his or her own durable and consumable materials for that Level. Consumables need to be replaced each year. The Fundations Pre-K Activity Set includes all pre-k instructor materials and student materials for classroom implementation. Details about items are available on our Online Store.

Early Intervention Model (Tier 2)

Intervention teachers often teach students at various levels throughout the day. The Fundations Multi-Level Kits provide the materials needed to teach different Levels.

Explore the sections on Instructor Materials and Student Materials to learn more about K-3 items.