Fundations Ready to Rise™

Help your students get “Ready to Rise” to the next level of Fundations®

Whether implementing a summer program or looking to provide an intensive boost when returning to school next fall, the Fundations Ready to Rise™ Program is designed to accelerate learning and address academic loss by targeting foundational skills. This 20-day program focuses on key decoding, transcription, and fluency skills to prepare students for the next level.

Foundational Skills for Rising 1st and Rising 2nd Graders

  • Students currently in Kindergarten who will be in First Grade during the 2021-2022 SY will be placed in a Fundations Ready to Rise™ Program for Rising First Graders.
  • Students currently in First Grade who will be in Second Grade during the 2021-2022 SY will be placed in a Fundations Ready to Rise™ Program for Rising Second Graders.

For both groups, each Fundations Ready to Rise™ lesson is 90 minutes, divided into three components.

Chart showing what is taught in the Ready to Rise Program

Fundations Ready to Rise™ Program at a Glance

Fundations Ready to Rise™ Materials 

Ready to Rise Teacher Guide Covers



A day-by-day Fundations Ready to Rise™ Teacher Guide is available to support educators.

The Teacher Guide is easy to follow and divided into the three components, providing clear directions for 20 days of instruction.


Ready to Rise Student Practice book covers



The Fundations Ready to Rise™ Student Practice conveniently includes all practice materials for each student.




Echo with megaphone yelling great news! If Fundations materials are already on hand,
only the following materials will need to be purchased:
Ready to Rise Teacher Guide ($22.00ea) and Student Practice consumables ($39.00/6 pack).

See full list of materials recommended to implement the programs.


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