Virtual Resource Hub (FUN HUB®)

Teachers are thrilled with the resources available in the FUN HUB®!
Thank you for all you have done in the FUN HUB®! These resources are incredible and very, very helpful. I am so appreciative of all the resources and videos. I feel like I can be successful because of what you have given educators.
-S. M., Fundations Teacher, NJ

Click on our video to view a sneak peek of all the FUN HUB has to offer!

The FUN HUB® provides helpful resources such as:

  • Fundations® InterActivities: An interactive teaching tool with Sound Cards and additional digital materials
  • Video Demos of New Concepts: Expert Literacy Specialists provide videos for each new learning concept; can be sent to students via an easy link (great for supporting absent students and those who are in a remote or hybrid setting; also terrific for new teachers learning how to present skills)
  • Targeted Practice Support: Videos of targeted lessons for each Unit/Week that can be shared with students and facilitated by support staff
  • Guidance and Support for Families: Videos provide an overview of the concepts taught in each Unit and tips to support students at home; can be sent via links
  • Digital Manual Access: Access to a digital copy of the Teacher’s Manual using the redemption code located inside the hard copy manual you own

Additional FUN HUB® information:

Drill sounds and build words interactivities

We are pleased to extend complimentary access to the FUN HUB® with the above features through June 30, 2023.

  • This incredible offer to complement classroom instruction is for schools/districts that have purchased Fundations materials.
  • Beginning July 1, 2023, a subscription will be required for both current and new users. Additional subscription information is coming soon.
  • Educators who have a Fundations Teacher’s Manual or have attended a Fundations workshop can try out the complimentary membership through June 2023. Not registered for the FUN HUB® yet? Go to

Four teachers instructing Fundations