Lesson Plan

Wilson Reading System Lesson Plan Outline

Teachers follow a ten-part lesson plan during each Wilson Reading System® (WRS) session. A full lesson requires up to 90 minutes. The lesson plan moves at a quick pace with constant interaction between teacher and student. It is divided into 3 Blocks.

  • Block 1: Parts 1-5 emphasize word study/foundational reading skills
  • Block 2: Parts 6-8 emphasize spelling/foundational writing skills
  • Block 3: Parts 9-10 emphasize fluency and comprehension

Block 1: Lesson Plan Parts 1-5

30 minutes: word study/foundational reading skills: phonemic awareness, decoding, vocabulary, high frequency word reading, single word accuracy/automaticity, phrasing/prosody, fluency and comprehension at the sentence level

Block 2: Lesson Plan Parts 6-8

30 minutes: spelling/foundational writing skills: phonemic segmentation, encoding, English spelling rules, high frequency word spelling, vocabulary, concept mark-up, sentence-level punctuation, proofreading

Block 3: Lesson Plan Parts 9-10

30 minutes: fluency and comprehension: vocabulary, listening/silent and oral reading fluency and comprehension, narrative and informational text