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Wilson Fluency®| Basic

Supplement your reading curriculum with explicit fluency instruction.

Developing Decoding Skills With Connected Text

Students who struggle to read fluently need a lot of practice. Wilson Fluency® | Basic supplements your reading curriculum by providing additional reading practice with explicit fluency instruction. This program provides emerging readers with fluency practice at a student’s instructional reading level. It is appropriate for both younger students with beginning reading skills or for older students who are not reading fluently due to decoding deficits.

Program Highlights

  • Phonetic and high frequency word practice to improve accuracy and automaticity 
  • Controlled, short phrases with taught-word patterns and high frequency/sight words
  • Longer phrases, presented in meaningful chunks to develop prosody, containing both taught and untaught elements 
  • Practice with a phrased version of a story followed by the unphrased passage to further develop phrasing and expression  
  • Comprehension instruction incorporated from the beginning, with students asked to retell each story to monitor comprehension 
  • Practice with enriched and decodable passages to enhance listening and reading comprehension, and vocabulary 
  • Non-controlled, decodable passages in the Basic Reader to help students begin to transfer their emerging decoding skills to reading authentic text with support and success 
  • Assessment tools to measure student rate, accuracy, and prosody are provided for each text 
  • Detailed instructions to allow teachers to measure student fluency levels in words correct per minute (WCPM), and prosody using the four-level scoring rubric developed by the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP)
  • Laminated Tally Sheets and Student Recording Forms to make it easy to monitor student progress 
  • Student Fluency Readers for students to graph their own progress
Wilson Fluency Basic kit

Adding Wilson Fluency/Basic to Current Instruction

The Wilson Fluency | Basic Kit can supplement any reading program that introduces short vowels in words with progressively more challenging patterns. It is appropriate to use with the Wilson Reading System ® (WRS), Just Words®, and Fundations®.