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Resources for Educators

During extended school closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all of us at Wilson recognize the monumental upheaval this has caused to your personal and professional lives. For many educators, this means quickly transitioning to remote instruction, but others have found this impossible. We know you all are doing your best to support your students, communities, and families during this time and we appreciate all your efforts.

Although our physical offices remain closed in compliance with the Massachusetts governor’s mandate to limit in-person operations, our staff continues to work remotely to support you. We understand the importance of addressing your students’ needs while keeping everyone safe. With that in mind, we have provided educators and school districts with varied resources, materials, and recommendations to help facilitate instruction from a distance, and in collaboration with parents and caregivers. Please explore our Supporting Students During COVID-19 Closures webpage for detailed information about online and printable materials for lessons and activities to use with your students.

Among the resources, you will learn how to obtain complimentary full access for six months to Wilson Academy and each of its learning communities (Prevention/Early Intervention Learning Community for Fundations, Intervention Learning Community for Just Words, and Intensive Learning Community for the Wilson Reading System), which has been made available to further assist teachers and administrators. These learning communities are helpful year-round under ordinary circumstances, and now even more so, for staying connected and learning from Wilson Literacy Specialists and each other through discussion boards, demonstration videos, and print and interactive resources. Expert Tips to support your instruction can also be found in each learning community. Tips include a video on how to teach WRS remotely. Educators across all programs are also finding the companion app for Just Words, called Just Words InterActivities, to be a useful tool in remote instruction. This app aligns with the Just Words program specifically, but because all of Wilson’s programs are based on the same principles of instruction, the drill sounds and build words screens that include sound cards may be adapted for use with Fundations and WRS.

Wilson is also actively working with districts to complete or make appropriate adjustments to 2019-2020 COMPASS schedules and activities, and is moving professional learning activities forward for those currently seeking certification in Wilson Reading System® (WRS), or as Fundations® and Just Words® Facilitators and Presenters.

For those working with students to complete your WRS Level I or Level II Certification, your assigned Wilson Credentialed Trainer will help you navigate the best path forward through your practicum. Options include remote lessons with your student, recorded observation lessons, or postponing lessons or observations.

Thank you for your dedication in support of student learning during this unprecedented time. Though our physical offices are closed, and the current situation may mean that our response time is delayed beyond our normal timeframe, we are doing our best to continue to serve you. Our customer support team is ready to assist you as always, and shipments continue to be made to non-school addresses.

Please reach out to us at 800.899.8454 or info@wilsonlanguage.com with questions and concerns. As always, we will do our best to work together to ensure that your students have what they need to be successful, now and in the future.